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Children, Drinking, and Drugs: ugly-sugar-fruit siniristiriita Shit my chemistry teacher has said in class, vol, 2 1. "Could you use heart medicine as explosives? Technically, yes." 2. "In theory, the concept that all of you exist is possible. 3. "56 children were born with no arms in France. That is a bit excessive" 4. "Here's an intestine, here's pancreas, over there is a liver and here is a danish pastry" 5. [A lecture on different methods in which bridges were constructed to be blown up during WW1 and wW2] 6. "It's unfortunate if you get an entire ham in your lung." 7. "The good thing about aether is that you don't die." 8. "Let's pick something else that's tasty. Like amphetamine here." 9. "If I tell you that carbon has three bonds, that doesn't mean carbon has three bonds." 10. "There's a french way, german way, american way and russian way. What do we use in Finland then? Depends on who's invading." 11. "The nitrogen makes this one straight." 12. [Walks to the students' side of the classroom] "Hm. Yes. The time does 13. [Lectures on why getting scurvy has made European invaders genocidal 14. "That would be a fun prank: Murder someone by sneaking 20 kilos of 15. [A long explanation of how the introduction of alcohol was an 16. [The story of how the density shifts of water and alcohol led to many 17. "Back then they didn't have any good drugs, so they had to settle for flow slower on this side." on several occasions.] coffee grounds into someone's breakfast porridge. improvement in comparison to drinking psychedelic reindeer urine] murders in the prohibition era moonshine business] aether. A few exploding serfs here and there." teaching them they're second in power from gods. Trust me, they tried." 18. "Nothing good will will come from giving vour children lead poisoning and 19. "My father was born in 1918, so he was 18 in 1936, which was inconvenient at the time." [Our teacher, inexplicably, looks roughly 40-45 and has at least one daughter in her 30s. Nobody fucking knows how old he is, exactly.] Vol. 1 here Source: siniristiriita 50 notes Repost