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Ass, Birthday, and Comfortable: Excuse generator Use your birthday to generate an excuse January February March April May June 16 I don't give a shit 17 I was drunk I'm sorry I'm soooo sorry Honestly... You know what? 1 I didn't feel like it 2 forgot 3 I rewatched GBBO 18 It was far too boring 19 I just found out l'm a ghost instead 4 I watched porn instead 20 My dong was too itchy 5 I do what I want Hey, fuck you buddy Don't look at me like that It won't happen again, but 21 I spent the night learning to 6 *points at crotch* 7 I have diarrhoea riverdance 22 It's none of your concern! ul 8 My fucking dog ate it 23 Your expectations are too high 9 Homework is for dicks 24 You're not the boss of me 10 It's none of your August Look me in the eye September You know why, Bob?! October For the last time November think you know December You wanna know why 25 I am filled with existential angst 26 I'm too cool for this shit. business. 11 I've been thinking a lot 27 My STls are acting up 28 My bed is too comfortable 29 Why don't you ask your mum about Brexit I didn't do your stupid 12 Yolo. Yolo 13 I'm not a dork 14 Shut up, that's why. 15 l have a life why I didn't do it? SM.S 30 It would have been shit anyway. 31 I didn't feel like doing something STUDENT MONEY SAVER dumb today imstuckathome12: xxxxarachnidsgripxxxx: green-cryptid: mystical-blue-jellyfish: wanderinglilweirdo: tiggyloo: cutie-quinn: sky-uppercunt: ryannandreww: edgarahoe: apathbetweenthestars: dontkillbirds: brutusfeels: doodle-dumpingground: madd-of-the-dead: the-regeneratin-degenerate: foxrat: “it wont happen again, but your expectations are too high” what kind of morbid ass shit is that “I think you know I was drunk” daaamn that’s so accurate to me “It wont happen again bit it would have been shit anyways” this is a bullshit excuse that I would def use “Look me in the eyes… I am filled with existential angst”Now I don’t use excuses often, but this is one of the greatest things I have ever heard XD Hey fuck you buddy I’m filled with existential angst is a goodun Hey don’t look at me like that, I just found out I’m a ghost! Don’t look at me like that.  My bed is too comfortable. “You know what? I have diarrhea.” “Honestly…it’s none of your business “ For the last time i watched GBBO instead Oh gosh, august 4th I think I win with “for the last time, I don’t give a shit” “You know why, Bob? Shut up, that’s why!” …..i love it “I’m soooo sorry. I was drunk.” The first part seems fitting though. But I never was drunk, never drank alcohol. And I will never drink it. hey fuck you buddy it would have been shit anyways im sooo sorry. Shut up that’s why. Im sooo sorry im filled with existential angst “You know what? I have a life.” So savage, damn-