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Being Alone, Bad, and Climbing: Fun-Lovin 2h Неу :) I saw you and I thought, hey she seems like one of the super smart ones on reddit she's probably some nerdy relationship therapist or some shit, and reading through your post, you seem like a pretty sweet down to earth kinda girl and kinda silly too, and I like that so am I right about all that or what? :P love the way you expressed and showed yourself through your post, something about you just stood out when I was stumbling through some reddit threads Where are you from by the way? silver_nightingale 2h Lmao silver_nightingale 2h I'm none of that shit silver nightingale South Asia 2h Fun-Lovin 2h Looks like I got it wrong. Where do you come from? silver_nightingale 2h You? Fun-Lovin 2h Come on, you've gotta be kidding me girl if you're not then what a small fucking world Which country are you from? silver_nightingale 2h I just like expressing myself whilst helping everyone else. Emotional Trauma man silver_nightingale 2h Where are you from? Fun-Lovin 1h Originally? From London And you? silver_nightingale 1h Where do you live atm? silver_nightingale 1h My answer depends on yours Fun-Lovin 1h My answer depends on yours Excuse me? silver_nightingale 1h I can be from where ever the hell yau want me to be lol Fun-Lovin 1h Are you from India? silver_nightingale 1h Sure silver_nightingale 1h Where do you currently reside? Fun-Lovin 1h Right now, I'm in Singapore and you? silver_nightingale 1h India Fun-Lovin 1h Wow, I'll be in Chennai next monday silver_nightingale 1h Nice. What are you plans? Fun-Lovin 1h I'm huge spontaneous traveller, and this is a secre.. Once I planned to go to the Philippines for a month and that turned to three months which then turned to six months, I was having so much fun there and enjoying my time that I kept staying and then and then went to Indonesia and Thailand for 4 months. And no one knows. I'm more of a traveller that observes and then note things down. And most of my travelling is alone for the sole reason that it makes me seek new experiences and meet new people, if I travelled with a friend we'd probably just get high every other night. I studied journalism and architecture so I do projects based on those all around the world I love learning new languages, I don't know, ever since I started travelling it seems like I've got sucked into languages. I'm just fascinated by them and how different ones can cover different meanings and understandings entirely, that English cannot. I love Spanish and Italian and mostly Northern European languages. I think it sounds really smooth and suave I don't know why but I just but love the whole flow of it that English doesn't have. I have other passio languages I could keep going and going without realizing time is passing by needing to have food breaks in between, I'm the asshole that wants everything. or How about you? What gets you going? Imagine money didn't exist in the world, what would you do forever? silver_nightingale 1h Who funds for this shit? silver_nightingale 1h I just like to eat Fun-Lovin 1h Hasba silver nightingale 1h I'm broke as furrrrk, I've been to the Middle East, for a month, wasn't as exciting as l initially expected silver_nightingale 1h Hasba? Fun-Lovin 1h Yes Hasba silver nightingale 1h What do you mean by that? Fun-Lovin 1h A private company that wipe out any unnatural nonesense brought in by pop culture silver_nightingale 1h Okay? What are we talking about? silver nightingale Oh right 1h silver_nightingale 1h Lmao people who fund you. I get it Fun-Lovin 1h I've been to India before and i have to say, the country is kind of like a maze-y adventure and just like and I love that. I went go-karting with some people the day I met them, it felt like I didn't know them but I really knew them, and it was amazing and then they wanted to go rock climbing challenging Americans vs Brit front. It's the only reason I took it up, my big ego can't handle getting beat, you know? It's that big :P but then I'm from London so it kinda comes naturally me on an Anyway, tell me more about you, think you're kinda adorable by the way I'm not even gonna hold that back. What are you doing with your life? Tell me something crazy about you Fun-Lovin 1h Lmao people who fund you. I get it What do you get? silver_nightingale 1h Has a funds your trips around the world Fun-Lovin 1h Hasba silver_nightingale 1h Туро Something crazy about me?? I fix doors and shit if it counts as crazy silver_nightingale 1h Like, I don't really wait around, and I'm an electrical engineer Fun-Lovin 1h Something crazy about me? I fix doors and shit if it counts as crazy Come and fix mine, its pretty loose Fun-Lovin 1h Like, I don't really wait around, and I'm an electrical engineer Perfect, fits me well silver_nightingale 1h How exactly? Fun-Lovin 1h Do you have whatsapp or discord? Its tiring chatting back and forth on here silver_nightingale 1h Neither, I'm from the slums of Chennai. The conditions are so harsh that I can only use Reddit. Fun-Lovin 1h Hmm silver_nightingale 1h how old are you though? Fun-Lovin 1h Old enough to bend you over my lap and give you a thorough, sturdy spanking, on one cheek and then the other. Constantly. silver_nightingale 1h Why did I see this coming? Fun-Lovin 1h You're a psychic possibly (and bad at sex) silver_nightingale 1h Had enough fuck bois trying to work their way up, and my boyfriend seems to love it. So idk Fun-Lovin 57m Сool silver_nightingale 55m Well, good luck with the entire Hasba thing. I'm gonna go make some chai for my siblings, that's going to be our breakfast and lunch. Bye bye. Fun-Lovin 53m Cool silver_nightingale 39m And also take a dump on the local freeway. See ya Fun-Lovin 37m Cool So this happened. Enjoy!