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Bad, Clothes, and Computers: LTE 12:41 Fortnite: Drea... Name people in the area. Jesse looked at them and just said "Hey guys!" The trio looked up at Jesse and replied, one by one "Hey!" "Hil Hello!" There looked to be around eighty people from where they landed, and there was a possibility that more were ahead. Jesse said "Need a hand?" One of them said "No thanks." They all stood up, walked over to where Jesse was sitting, and sat down in front of him. As the group pushed their way through the seemingly endless crowd, the eventually reached a building, with a great magnitude of people barging through the doors. The three persons, who were good friends of Jesse, were Asriel Dreemurr, Cream the Rabbit and Midna(Imp form, specifically). "What's there that everyone is so excited to see?" Asriel asked. Jesse squinted, trying to read one of the doors for any info on what was inside. Eventually he saw a word on a door that said everything to him. "It's the reception area." He stated. "Looks like if we wanna play, we'll have to get through the crowd. So what brings you all here?" Jesse asked. Asriel replied, "Cream got an invitation to something. It said to bring four friends along. The team eased up on the large wave fairly fast at first, but soon stopped dead. people, eventually snagging a spot. The hoard moved "Hmm. What's it for?" Jesse asked. It is a big contest of sorts." Cream answered. "What's going on?" Cream asked, nervously. Jesse thought about it and asked "How much does it cost? "I don't know," Jesse answered, "but we're probably going to find out. Cream said "It is completely free of charge, with some exceptions. After around what felt like three full hours, the four finally reached the door and, with a quick glance inside, they all understood the sudden hold up, yet fast moving line. All the reception desks were computers. The reason the line stopped as fast as it moved was because, despite being super fast, there was a limited number of them, around fifty in total. Exceptions?" Jesse questioned. There's this pass sort of thing that, if you pay for it, the company running this whole shebang will give you rewards for completing certain challenges or getting enough emblems of sorts." Midna answered. Suddenly announcer piped up on a loudspeaker, yelling "NEXT! Four people left after this, and four others stepped up to the computers that just opened. "My mother has said it is fine for me to go and bought four of the passes for all of us." Cream added. Once the team were next, they walked up to the computers, which were looked holographic possibly digital. Jesse thought for a moment and and said "Il ask my mom if I can come with you." He left to talk Fortnite: Dream... Fortnite: Dream... Jan 21 Apr 28 It has been nine months since the team's first game. In this time, two more seasons of the game had happened. In the second season, new items and locations have been added. Same for season three. However during the match in which they all won the victory umbrella (they got both for both seasons), Asriel noticed something strange. (This should go without saying, but if you haven't already read chapters 1, 2, and 3, please read them for full understanding) From the north, he pointed something out, a light blue, almost white, dot in the sky. Jesse, seeing this, thought out loud "It can't be a comet, since there's no horizontal tail, so maybe it's a meteor coming in for impact?" "If that's the case, then I hope it's not big enough to make a large enough impact to destroy everything!" Cream said. "Please don't go there!" Jesse almost yelled with a look of almost paranoia on his face, as he tend to be jumpy with this sort of thing. It was about three weeks into Season 4 and the team was about to play their third game in a row this week, but this day they received some unloreseen hews. As Jesse gathered s things inhis rom, a portal opened in the ceiling, and s miceing Where's Midea He asked oL hen quickly nodd t one teamm be al out stepped Midna, who looked fairly saddened by greete replied opened on theing Midna! What's up?" Jesse said, noticing that there was something wrone 1 don't think I'll be able to play the game with you guys anymore... at all, what with being the princess of the Twilight Realm and all." Midna explained, Asriel looked on in surprise, Cream looked absolutely During their career in the tournament, they had made their own custom equipment. Jesse had a glider that had a lightning effect on the fabric, and lightning coming out of the Jets, a pickaxe that was a crystal infused with lightning, and his contrail was just lightning. Asriel had a glider that had a rainbow gradient and jet streams, a pickaxe that was a mace made from a star from his attack "Star Blazing", and a contrail that was a set of rainbows and stars. Cream had an orange glider with a big pink heart, a pickaxe that was basically a carrot on a stick, and a contrail that was some orange ribbons. Midna had a glider of a wolf spirit, a pickaxe based on a wolf claw, and a contrail of shadows. little late." As if on cue, another portal hing Hey she devastated by this, and Jesse also looked shocked. However, when Jesse eventually came to his senses, his understanding side came up, and gave Midna a hug goodbye, telling her that he understood her predicament. Cream asked suddenly "What about your account in the game?" "I deleted it since I don't think l'll be able to come back to it." Midna explained. Everyone looked like they were about to cry, but they all gave Midna a hug and wished her good luck. Midna thanked them, handed Jesse her camera, and left through the same portal she entered through About a week after the initial spotting of the meteor, stuff had happened, some good, some.. not so much. The first good thing was that the meteor was confirmed to not be large enough to recreate the Jesse sat down in his computer chair, and thought about how this would affect the team, since both Cream and Asriel both were clearly trying to fight back tears. Suddenly, a tiny sound came sneeze? Everyone stared at the closet door, wide-eyed. Jesse carefully got out of his chair, and walked slowly to the door, When he opened s greatly surprised to see a familiar face inside. "Milla?" Jesse said. The figure inside end of the dinosaurs. The first bad thing, however, later on turned into a good thing. What had happened was that, during a game, the team got intoa gunfight with another squad. As bullets flew from both parties, not long after, neither side could fire, not because they were out of ammo, their guns randomly stopped working. Eventually, they all hearda gasping sound, and all looked at Jesse, who was on his knees, grasping his left eye, a thin, red stream of blood seeping out. The rest of his team quickly ran over to make sure he was okay, while the other team stood there, shocked and confused. Just then every player in the game was suddenly kicked out, back to the hub island. As everyone looked around, dumbstruck, a group of staff began shoving through the crowd. Eventually they reached Jesse and co. and asked if he was alright. Jesse, still clutching his eye, gave a weak nod, and the staff rushed him to the medical area, team quickly following behind, and every other player watching in shock from Jesse's closet. It almost sounded like... it, he was Milla Basset, from Freedom Planet. She just looked at Jesse, sharing his surprise. Cream and Asriel turned to each other confused on what Jesse was talking about. Milla had not been heard from a few months after the events of a battle with a certain omnipotent being that will not be named that Jesse called "The War for Avalice", which he rarely spoke about for reasons unknown, the most they got were CC updates from her friends that mentioned or had pictures of her in it. Yet, when they looked in the closet to see if it was true, it was. Milla was sitting right on top of a small pile of clothes, curled up in a ball, smiling sheepishly. "H-hey, uh... JJesse," she said, nervously. Asriel quickly asked "What are you doing here?" Milla could barely force an answer. "I was i-invited to the s-same game, but I hadn't realized th-that you play as well until saw you in a match. I would have at-attacked the few times I did see you, b-but I hesitated, As the three waited for Jesse, Asriel asked "How do you think this happened?" A staff member who was nearby, overheard this, and walked up to the trio and asked "You mean what hannanad a unuus friandd'o aa Aevial asua a ehaanieh nad and tha etall mamhar nllad ua a Fortnite: Dream... Fortnite: Dream... Apr 28 May 21 theory turns out to be true. r close to being true, I will modify this chapter to be closer to what had happened in the event. If it's not even close, I might keep this up.) "Welp, no way we're getting in there any time soon..." Said Jesse, eyeing the momentous amount of smoke coming from the volcano. Asriel replied, "We've got what we need, and we've also got each other." Everyone chuckled at this remark, and turned their attention to Loot Lake... or at least what's left of it. The dig sites that had appeared on the island had made their way to this area, and they made a big find. Slightly southwest of the gargantuan lake, a strange metal floor was found, seemingly impenetrable. When the digging moved to the center of the area, what they found shocked everyone. A humongous metal hatch was found, and five mysterious floating pillars, each projecting a unique hologram, appeared. When these pillars were attacked, weather by shooting it or hitting it witha pickaxe, they would slowly inch closer to the hatch. As the team conversed, the last pillar was being moved into position, several other squads already furiously gunning it down. Cream occasionally sniped it, helping out a tiny bit. When the pillar reached its final position, it slowly hovered down to the hole within the hatch. As soon as it entered, a message appeared in everyone's peripheral vision, "GO TO LOOT LAKE Jesse sarcastically said "Woah there! No need to be so drastic!" Oh, how wrong he was. A few seconds after finishing the line, the ground began to shake, along with everyone's weapons, including their pickaxes, disappearing. Milla, confused and a bit terified, said "I think there is a reason... Suddenly, a 5 minute countdown appeared, and the the volcano erupted. Everyone jumped in fear, seeing the molten rocks raining from the sky. One landed near them, narrowly missing Cream, whom Jesse grabbed out of the way. Asriel, Cream, and Milla looked at Jesse, terrified, awaiting his command on what to do. Jesse, knowing his powers were deactivated in the game, simply said one word: "Run." And on that word, the four of them bolted towards the hatch, along with every other player in the game. It was a hellscape. Players running to and fro, flaming rocks raining down from the heavens, and an escape that seemed too far away for hope. But the Dream Squad never let up. They kept pushing forward, despite being in complete terror. However before they reached the edge of the hatch, Jesse heard something from far of in the distance. A cry for help. Jesse, stopping to find it's source, saw a person trapped in collapsed rubble. Before he could run over to save I I know this isn't cringe worthy that much... But I'd just like to say that I'm writing a Fortnite Fanfiction. Bash me all you want in the comments, I deserve it.

I know this isn't cringe worthy that much... But I'd just like to say that I'm writing a Fortnite Fanfiction. Bash me all you want in the co...