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Ass, Autocorrect, and Bad: wint @dril Following wint @dril Following nerd with lame attitude: North Korea is bad Me: Have you ever lived there nerd: (his glasses fall off) in hell you are forced to smoke weed 4:19 PM-22 Jul 2014 Me: Catch you later wint @dril Followirn 4:38 PM-3 Auq 2014 wint @dril Following my fuckin opinion of politics? heres my fuckin opinion of politics. not a single senator in the history of the united states, has been white farm boss: yyoure so good at cleaning the pigs' ass holes. please let us pay you me: no. i won't allow my work to be corrupted by the dolar. 11:25 PM- 30 Mar 2017 6:40 AM -27 Oct 2014 wint @dril Following Economic Economic- drunk driving may kill a lot of people, but it also helps a lot of people get to work on time, so, it;s impossible to say if its bad or Left Right not, 9:20 AM-9 May 2014 wint @dri Following wint @dril Following oop, autocorrect got me. what i meant to say was "i cant wait to eat shit right out of the sewer and suck some outrageously gay clown dicks" 8:06 PM -8 Aug 2014 "don't tread of me", the famous words of that good snake who doesn't want to get stepped on, the noble slithering bastard I relate to most 12:28 PM-2 Aug 2015 wint @dril Following wint @dril Following GENDERLESS WEDDING AT HARD ROCK CAFE: THE BRIDE AND GROOM WILL BE COVERED IN TARPS IN ORDER TO SCreaming while the road workers slowly pave a road on top of me using my own tax dollar 9:39 AM-26 Sep 2015 CIRCUMVENT THE STANDARDIZED NORM'S, FREE ICE 6:54 PM-7 Jun 2011