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Cars and guns: shaelit "Cars kill more people than guns! What're you gonna do, regulate cars next?" You idiot. You moron. You utter buffoon Cars ARE regulated The permit test. The permit. The practice year. The regulations on how many hours you have to drive and at what hours and with whom. The driving test. The license. The requirements regarding insurance. License renewals. Road laws. Highway laws. Speed limits. Seatbelt laws. Carseat laws. Laws against drinking and driving and other forms of intoxication. Red lights. Not passing in intersections. Right of way WHO can drive and WHEN and HOW and WHERE are all regulated, because yes, a car in the wrong hands can kill a person. Just like a gun. Oh but wait, there's more! I, as a licensed driver, can't drive anything I want. I can't drivea motorcycle. I can't drive a speedboat. You know what else I can't drive? One of these. To drive a semi-truck, I would need a Commercial Driver's License or CDL There are age limits involved, as well as required hours of training and study. There's a written test and a driving test. There are also medical requirements. And even if I passed all that, you know what I STILL couldn't drive? One of these To drive a semi loaded with hazardous materials, you would have to get a federal H endorsement added to your CDL. And to get that, you have to jump through even MORE hoops, including another written test and a background check. So yeah, guns should be better regulated. Any Joe Blow shouldn't be able to stagger down to a gun show and get himself a sweet piece without some oversight. And ESPECIALLY no one should be getting their hands on a semi-automatic assault rifle like an AR-15, aka the Hazardous Semi Truck of guns. There are professional reasons that a person might need clearance to handle and own such a weapon, but not a civilian. Not an unscreened rando off the street. Try not to be such an utter wanker that you place the mere potential of a power- boner over the lives of actual children like those killed in Parkland, Sandy Hook, and elsewhere prettysicksupply There's also the fact that if I fuck up and njure, or even KILL someone with my vehicle, or another person's vehicle, or a vehicle I'm not even supposed to drive in the first place- I CAN AND WILL BE PUNISHED FOR THAT. I will be made responsible for that damage/death. Insurance exists to help cover the costs of damages- both to cars and people. If my negligence with a vehicle leads to someone's injury or death- my access to vehicles in the future WILL BE COMPROMISED. So yes... we do regulate cars. We also regulate the DAMAGE CAUSED BY THOSE WHO DRIVE THEM chescaleigh also, cars are meant for transportation. sure they can kill people but their sole purpose is not to kill. a gun's ONLY PURPOSE is to maim or kill its target. you can't take a road trip on a gun or load up a gun with groceries. fuck outta here with this bullshit comparison. Cars and guns