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Being Alone, Apparently, and Ass: omegle Talk to strangers! You're chatting with a random stranger on Omeale! You both like Pewdiepie Stranger: WHAT You: youve never played tuber simulator??? Stranger: PFFFFF You: You know its fun right? Stranger: I'm not supposed to give my opinion but... You: Give it a try Stranger: And then you can tell me if it's good or not Stranger: Not convinced yet? You: IIl cut you a deal Stranger: They game's available for free You: And thats a great price You: Amazing Stranger: shameless pewdiepie ad music plays Stranger: High five Stranger: We did it Stranger: We are chads You: You may now use it for orange arrows Stranger: DID YOU SEE THAT REDDIT POST Stranger: Hahahahahah omg You: Yes Stranger: Arghh this should be like our cult ritual You: Absolutely You: Should we sing a pewdiepie song? Stranger: Se lect the track You: Bic lasagne? Stranger: Bobs or vegana whichever will it be You: Sit the fuck down t series Stranger: It's time to spill the real tea You: You tryna dethrone me from spot on number one Stranger: But you india you lose so best th ing you haven't won You: When im trough with you were gonna be completely fuckin done Stranger: Clap clap Stranger: Cause we only just begun You:I rewiew you Stranger: Fucking zero bye bitch gone You: So come on t series Stranger: Looking hungry for some drama You: Here let me serve you bitch lasagna Stranger: BIH LASAGNA Stranger: BIH LASAGNA You: T series aint nothin but a bih lasanhga Stranger: BIH LASAGNA BIH LASAGNA You: T series just wet themselves in their pyamas Stranger: BIH LASAGNA BIH LASAGNA Stranger: T series looking hungry for some You: Drama Stranger: BIH LASAGNA BIH LASAGNA You: T series aint nothing but a bih lasagna Stranger: You have a population of 1.32 Billion You: But most your videos cant even hit a million Stranger: SUBBOT You: Again, amazing Stranger: We should be proud of purselves Stranger: Born in the right generation You: Absolutely You: Too late to explore space You: But just in for the memes Stranger: We ll said Stranger: I am proud to have participated in the greatest war in all of human history You: Yes Stranger: The outcome might not be what we wanted Stranger: But it doesn't matter You: Lets not forget all the youtubers who helped Stranger: Jake paul everybody You: Without them itd be over 8 months ago Stranger: Ex nemesis became an ally Stranger: Allie Stranger: Very true Stranger: Also let's forget ex daddy of the internet Stranger: Elon musk You: Elon san Stranger: But what if it's elon mask Stranger: Remove the mask Stranger: And it's elon reeves You: All hail the reeves Stranger: Everyone deserves a reeves in their life You: Yes, but leave keanu alone if you see him on the streets Stranger: Yes you speak true words Stranger: The guy just want a normal life Stranger: l'd still like to order a life time supply of ricardos and reeves Stranger: You know husbandos for every occasion You: We just need BeastMaster64 You: The one who eliminated pewdiepie Stranger: What if Stranger: He did that to get spot number 1 Stranger: And to promote his piss drinking techniques You: Ooh interesting theory Stranger: He just wants to save children from dying because of the lack of water You: Ahw thats nice You: Also pewdiepie: *looks at deeply overfriet pumpkin* hes fine Stranger: Also pewdiepie keep abusing the torch machine thing in the kitched Stranger: Kitchen set on fire Stranger: Pewdiepie: why does this keep happening Stranger: ??? You: AAAAAHНННН!!! Stranger: Oh dude my favourite things that pewds did tho Stranger: Was the hmmmmm Stranger: And the You: I missed the hmmmmm in congratulations Stranger: Shutthefukfuk Stranger: Yeees Stranger: Which he'd bring it back hahah Tou: Yeah Stranger: I wonder if in a few centuries there will be stories about hin written in history books Stranger: Or e book Stranger: S Stranger: E Stranger: Insert lord farquad Stranger: Looking at his boner You: E Stranger: Hahahah i love how fucked up our sense of humor has gotten Stranger: We just laugh at the letter E You: Yeah ha ha ha Stranger: Meanwhile i try watching comedies with my parents and i can't laugh at a single thing Stranger: We have gone too meta You: Yeah true You: We just enjoy a f-ing letter You: Its still y Stranger: Yeah well it's two memes in one Stranger: E contains F Stranger: Type F in the chat Vourite tho You: F Stranger: Where you from btw You: The Netherlands Stranger: Oh we're neighbours Stranger: I live in the 69th reich Stranger: Oopsie doopsie i mean germany Stranger: WSI WERE YOU AT You: *vox intensifies* You: Whata fina *** You: Im never crossing a bridge again Stranger: Why? You: The last time pewdiepie crossed a pridge he almost made a whole platform crumble Stranger: Wait when Stranger: How did i miss that haha You: Search pewdiepie saying the n word You: Thats how the first adpocalypse started Stranger: Oh with crossed a bridge you mean said the n word Stranger: Ohhh yeaaah the adpocolypse Stranger: Started because of it You: Yes Stranger: What do you think about the word tho? Stranger: Like honestly You: Uhmm Stranger: We're europeans lol You: Yeah Stranger: We don't have anything to do with their history the fuck You: No one can harass us for it Stranger: Except pewdiepie apparently Stranger: The guys is Swedish bruh Stranger: They haven't fought for shit since the viking times Stranger: Guy is Stranger: The only thing not harmless about sweden is the shape of their country Stranger: It's like Stranger: With denmark as it's cum You: Norway and sweden with denmark as cum Stranger: And finland is like the balls Stranger: Finnland Stranger: Oh and germany is like a beer cup Stranger: Being filled with the cum Stranger: Wtf hahahah You: And the netherlands,...... I dunno Stranger: The netherlends are like cum stains Stranger: Lands Stranger: France Stranger: Some Stranger: And italy is her lost boot You: And the earth is a cat playing with australia dick like sime hooker sitting there Stranger: Hhaha ha hah Stranger: And the americas are a duck Stra a hotse Russia Stranger: Horse You: Trip is also a duck Stranger: Yeah you're right l Stranger: And well the country chad Stranger: Is a chad You: You no like melon Stranger:? You: He played facade a very long time ago You: If you say melon 1 time in that game he closes the doorinstantly Stranger: Dangg dude since when have you been a 9 year old? You: Very long Stranger: You're hardcore Stranger: I kinda watched him in 2012 and then i became edqy and switched to filthy frank lol Stranger: After a few years pewds became well beastmaster64 Stranger: And my instantly became a fan You:I started watching after in amnesia times Stranger: My ass* Stranger: Woaaaah Stranger: You're an ancient fan Stranger: Respect You: Thank You: Ya danm barrels! Stranger: Hahahaahhah Stranger: Been great talking to you dude You: Same Stranger: Bye You: Buy the merch You: Like and subscribe only 399 Stranger: The chair You: 399! Stranger: BUT CAN YOU DO Stranger: THIS You: If youAre you going to use this for orange arrows, my reddit name is marco pigeon Stranger: Ayyeee I'm gonna follow you right now then Stranger: Mine is meginarlicious Stranger: I think haha Stranger: Byeee Stranger has disconnected Had a very long chat ong omegle with a fellow 9 year old