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land-of-maps: Anglicising Europe: If the Anglo-Saxons had been invited to dinner (everywhere). See comments for more: Anglicisation of Urrow (Europe <*h,uru-wkw-) PLACE NAME ORIGIN Yeatbury Middy Durry Hamberfall Germanic Mormannish Italic Example reconstruction: Volgograd to Wulchyard ALcherer elend Celtic Hellenic Balto-Slavic other Indo-European non Indo-European mixed volga River Proto-Indo-European: *welg- (wet, damp) Balto-Slavic >walg- Germanic> "wulka- (from Reachwigh Smallish Erven Body oblique case "wlg-) Yannen Arryanglish Proto-Slavic vsigakt Old English >*wulc (cf. wolcn Archroom Lully 'cloud, with /uf> ol due to non- high vowel in next syllable Russian>Bonra English wulk/wulch (cf swilk such, whilk/which, milk/milch, ilk ilch etc. for palatalisation) CASE STUDY- WITHEL (Italy) Eal Etymological breakdown of this map's forty-three Withelish cities Arabic Thrundham Umpny Fighey Thunnerhaven KEtruscan Messap Eastersound - grad -town, enclosure Proto-Indo-European: "g'ord"-os<g'erd- (to enclose) Balto-Slavic>"gardas Germanic > "gardaz Proto-Slavicgord Old English >geard Russian >rópoa English >yard ave <Latin Wass Soundswall fihlend whalve Bury Ealsound <Celtic Thavefand aldy sea fan Thamber Hitend Efchney norry Borling Berrywin Hervewig wat <Greek avbottomHelsing Wighoury Aslea Charlsted. NEarbrow St. Fetherbury Westrer Upsel Utter Haverdys eHastrem Danlim Stotcholmstlend aThord Fashew Righosten Yarlewel ranae Hasseh WellyNewyard Staving SWeeri.ch Sinquernis Opunthewquerdan oten d Edwinbury Thwer Yeatbury Linchippinpping Thalled Summer Ealburya Ewechippingotend Wingsfull lathew Walemear Marcaw TarrowYulShaw Wighbury Waysea halmer balty Lewy Dewyfu Widdifish Yelytch Ridgen Thull SQuellwest Newhastle n Orth Earhouse chippenhaven dermarc Malmy WenswhRosqurid Flensbury Burhoim Chile Strealsound Brimeavevey Arry thau Yedanch Seal lithewen Hewn. f ir elend Mannow iddlesburyS e a sea Devlin Every Smallish r o oslend Walow Nackenigh Harry weinerfirth efluil Liverpool Manhaster Snottingham Logds wallyard Willen Mennish Maylew Branch Sarthaw Livish Yarden Berrin Hambury Shithen Beverish vemarch Bermingham Greninge Hairthave a nglend arhamAlcburyBrimeam Warny Hursh hassystoon Bealstow b e alroos. Warrow Bright Oxford The HawAstledámi erPerlen Bicyeste Bilifd Hamble Fishser s omdun ahaster Arnat Fadstop Fannen Bealyard sum Hornwatl Fordsmouth anden e nissle bc Sawbuss al S Luvlin Hernetchew Britchelown Ampen, Masthright Whellen Erford be theechTend arriaw Handewy Yarrow Thrighten Wardlaw Hew Grensy Wulchyard Loughish Rewn Lighish Dannish Hammenishanver Bright nen FermittenburyFranchford Hambe WrithenRidden Quithmire Faldaw Lewy a wcea nemny llenFarry AycawrowanchewishThornfal Winny. Yan- Arstaw wulchdannish eheibegy whess Middyaroiage wharse Nandy Maryfal Wine&Nand Earlen. Thrass Stradbury Stoodyard RainburyWeen a w y ltchyardernewyEamen Rew Hassy Ratch efarry uthlendy Thurn Quirch maldew Paverwheane Pan Mair Yatch Quisnew Atteth Eachesburye Batty Lind Berthlew Niredgehat Fribury Durry Manwin.Saltbury Allratonelra ncheworpern Fighter eThurfall Yersen Rassendoor stearfal Leasen hstean a strichyeerer t ge Yardye palde ButhfightWearden ungerrt Grawen Elmwigh gKennow Hullermund- Lowdun Leese-Navy Deyw Siven Brassowle Rim aberfall Newroosish Sough h uven Marbury FesS awn All Harcen Burdyall Ferdnoth corntal Midlende Mundalyen Wallende Ewshe Thalse sen Falf Thimb Bury Thestee Thearen Wern Wind yS a v Therch Yill Pigh Sissen Humeasce wurry Pacdem Thevels BOwerish Wigh Earend Awth Pilvew Form Culfen V Mundwa ighmnigh Fi o h serve bassen Bealyard.charlaw Yestand Letchen St. Thetc er Massle Dlen Livern Aw swartmere armen Erven cuise Ford Brooch Waltheld Bury Hambury Salmenthy LMe MOUuay Spald hornguertushen Sap Fellowrn ELsher Writ Ness Fienen Ash Arth Samsen hurftess Archroom Basti ow Fer Harsy t h Ayaug Bury Candiedstch Harbough fordcall Lispen Hasterhaid CHethbury Yerrend Tharrarrilen Fadtaryhassow buller Modrigh Serchest Blighdew Yatter Allynearfall Itefa thmeat watterthy Room Thulden w sea Thetches Ban alven maytep Anger iver PadalS pe an Hastlen Elsy Tirepayer Pruss Essyhither Heaser Mid Welighserthurry Sanlurrow Newfall Fathend Thurenaster pp Safer Tharineg Luve asten Hather S Harve Thr Sackende Wallend, Foietchery Minnery Sas Pr Waller Whethelnigh channyhal Marden Earn Sevel Aartave ATve Sarten thurnen PMaller sea Arvel Massle rs all itchen ly gmurn MurtheLighendes Hassend Cassanthaves Mally cranthHartchen Thensle Hane Addene Andle Hatts athender inen ch Ascow sea Fadder Adden HalmethNowfiew barth Kipralder Almer Seft Thanger Fansarm Measesh Marsic SighelRidge Haver Yevle ursen Yalve Andsy sur e Traven sea Hathen Allchear Aircherd Arn Ump Thunse Raff Fess Word Seriow Ruth Dart Hamps Surry Stve Yestanden Chuver irry lavenen PerruthTammish SitterA Thur mild Wisher allchear thunse marrow middlemere land-of-maps: Anglicising Europe: If the Anglo-Saxons had been invited to dinner (everywhere). See comments for more

land-of-maps: Anglicising Europe: If the Anglo-Saxons had been invited to dinner (everywhere). See comments for more

So Wholesome!! via /r/wholesomememes http://bit.ly/2L0Tnye: Yesterday at 11:03 PM I work at a small family owned Italian restaurant and my boss let's me study when we're slow so he brought me a small pizza and said "snack while you study". I worked a 12 hour shift today and he fed me three times and made me a sandwich to take home. He's an angel walking among us. h ad S e e e ina yh w GST l apy w fholags ds l y d o aind t them wd 177 d d delingaisat ears w ley ad ha r l cation, www.sed in eer ahes Th h bw s hing sshur e offding vimasley dng r 3i alest eal pche Ad de viw w s eend dahan d sesal tty W ee wr eses it wan ofee varw a begde vibe le pee Oaly wl de s ou an endty in Eand the al sieon ook at eaieon laktaton, particulatly anging shar l a cialed and g R teking than aksAn abernate ur etod r died th perticlachy i ullanve and sgeria and s of thene en ve in powcr-c ed te tal dgery oee than and shet boy r engge in risky behaier than are gisdsThi g fcharicr will be greatesr aN apatrianchal E pwer then he etr becasse of his employ Thie behavior will be the Irast in nongatriandal unms have ngual poner b se of ther oqual dvidaal delingacncy ratis are shos viwd w the atmbutin of powerper relatione in wt r selations in the famaly Tests of puwer for a variery of in arguments l theury focuses on the greater oetrols of gitl r female offesding in the conteat of strain type me dicumed the particolar victimizarions she e sught o link thes o ehe particular types of r Choner Lind and Faith staned thar "eeach le ol wd lSe m he fdys nd enss dels Ainthe e De Cte har h ie than bos bs they o h ale eaing tht m s ded thtc t e weiolen a le ats hare ked ndes, an appenschg r e s biag tht he a is of The Semiioe gndes le hely i aratee dn i c e e pene hng dm o i ascated wrk the Se dfirent racial d eth niiery What are called "hge w as A eie for fernales ae the ty y e doisant Euean Airwn ca gS and debed this feityglles So ney expetol n beh nr lett nbe ts that alym ar hsee g chentry, and s feth, al they w sher they de or ent ck and vher wht e dey at the heart of ech of girl r victimitation 7.6K 124 Comments 148 Shares So Wholesome!! via /r/wholesomememes http://bit.ly/2L0Tnye

So Wholesome!! via /r/wholesomememes http://bit.ly/2L0Tnye