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4chan, College, and Crime: @JaredTSwift said. "Now, we've pushed the Overton window," referring to the range of ideas tolerated in public discourse. Twitter is the key platform for shaping that discourse. "People have adopted our rhetoric, sometimes without even realizing it. We're setting up for a massive cultural shift," @JaredTSwift said. The thinking goes among white supremacists, if today we can get "normies" talking about Pepe the Frog, then tomorrow we can get them to ask the other questions on our agenda: "Are Jews people?" or "What about black on white crime?" "You can't understate 4chan's role," says Keegan Hankes, a research analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center's2 Intelligence Project. Hankes sees the more tech-savvy guys in the white nationalist movement "getting their content from 4chan." Even with 4chan's influence, for Hankes, who has been observing white nationalists online for several years now, it's Reddit that's become the go-to venue for those seeking the most violent and explicit racism online. The typical user at Reddit, like at 4chan, is young, white, and male. Twitter users, on the other hand, are more likely to be black or Latinx. For white supremacists that want to make sport out of harassing people of color, Twitter is a "target rich" environment. These platforms are driven by different economic imperatives. While 4chan is a low- budget, sole proprietor operation with no paid employees, Reddit and Twitter are both companies with an interest in turning a profit. And both face similar dilemmas. Twitter is valued at $13 billion and Reddit at $500 million, but both struggle to attract buyers and advertisers because of their toxic, racist, sexist content. For Twitter, the decision to allow white supremacists a place on their platform is one that seems to be good for their bottom line, at least in the short term. And for white supremacists, there are two things Twitter offers that 4chan and Reddit do not: an outsize influence on the news cycle and lots of people of In my college textbook

In my college textbook

Africa, Empire, and England: the Aztec ruler Montezuma believed that Cortés was a god whose return had been predicted the Aztecs were peace-loving people who did not believe in war or conquest. the city of Tenochtitlán already had been de vastated by a disease epidemic. d 14. The primary early colonial competitor with Spain in the New World was a. Portugal. bItaly. e France. d. England 15. The belief that the Spanish only killed, tortured, and stole in the Americas while doing nothing good is called a. the encomienda. b. the mission of civilization. the Evil Empire d. the Black Legend. C. Identification Supply the correct identification for each numbered description. Ice Fa1. Extended period when glaciers covered most of the North American continent Maize 2. Staple crop that formed the economic foundation of Indian civilizations Cahohi 3. Important Mississippian culture site, near present East St. Louis, Illinois Portuga(4. First European nation to send explorers around the west coast of Africa Tales 5. Flourishing West African kingdom that had its capital and university at Timbuktu 6. Mistaken term that European explorers gave to American lands because of the false belief that they were off the coast of Asia 7. Animal introduced by Europeans that transformed the Indian way of life on the Great Plains Ye 8. Among the major European diseases that devastated Native American popula- tions after 1492 (name two) 9. Disease originating in Americas that was transmitted to Europeans after 1492 Lordle TaS 10. Treaty that secured Spanish title to lands in Americas by dividing them with Por- tugal Treaty 11. Wealthy capital of the Aztec empire Mezh2012. Person of mixed European and Indian ancestry 13. Indian uprising in New Mexico caused by Spanish efforts to suppress Indian re- ligion 14. Indian people of the Rio Grande Valley who were cruelly oppressed by the Span- ish conquerors Puebl 5 New World Beginnings, 33.000 B.C.-A.D. 1769 Chapter 1 Can someone please check #1-14? Thank you🌺

Can someone please check #1-14? Thank you🌺