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Animals, Beautiful, and Disney: Timeless classics disney shouldn't ruin DUMB0 LIO JungleBook underrated action packed disney movies perfect for live action adaptations I REASuru celticpyro: Good point. A lot of the problem with the movies Disney is remaking as “live action’ is that they’re not MEANT to be live action. Many of them had a distinct use of art style, talking animals, and visual elements that simply don’t look as nice in a hyperrealistic medium no matter how well you apply special effects. And a lot of elements are so fantastical that you’d need copius amounts of CGI to replicate it in ‘real’ life but you still wouldn’t get the same feel. The digitally-rendered animals in The Lion King look awkward. Dumbo looks nightmarish with his humanlike eyes. Beauty and the Beast felt lackluster with its dull realism instead of the saturated animation. Now, Atlantis and Treasure Planet would work brilliantly in a realistic medium because it deals with mostly-human characters and visual effects in those movies would transition flawlessly into live action. The alien creatures of Treasure Planet, the pirate’s ships and technology would look beautiful if rendered into realism. Atlantis would work even better with an all-human cast and their technology, and it’d doubly work as a chance to cast nonwhite actors into lead roles.

celticpyro: Good point. A lot of the problem with the movies Disney is remaking as “live action’ is that they’re not MEANT to be live actio...

Anaconda, Bad, and Baked: chikaden thinksquad Here is a Science fair project presented by a girt ina secondary school in Sussex. In it she took fitered water and divided it into two parts. The first part she heated to boling in a pan on the stove, and the second part she heated to boiling In a microwave. Then ater cooling she used the water to water two identical plants to see if there would be any difterence in the growth between the normal boiled water and the water boiled in a microwave. She was thinking that the structure or energy of the water may be compromised by class mates a number of times and had the same resut It has been known for some years that the problem with microwaved anything is not the radiation people used to wory about, it's how it corrupts the DNA in the food so the body can not it. Microwaves don't work different ways on different substances. Whatever you put into the microwave sutfers the same destructive process. Microwaves agitate the molecules to move faster and faster. This movement causes friction which denatures the oniginal make-up of the substance. i results in destroyed vitamins, minerals, proteins and generates the new stuff called radiolytic compounds, things that are not found in nature So the body wraps it in fat cells to protect itself from the dead food or it eliminates it fast. Think of all the Mothers heating up milk in these Safe appliances What about the nurse i Canada that warmed up blood for a transfusion patient and accidentally killed him when the blood went in dead. But the makers say it's safe. But proof is in the pictures of living plants dying NO, YOU PIG-IGNORANTASSWIPES SOME KID'S CLASS PROJECT IS NOT REAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. YOUVE HEARD OF DOUBLE BLIND", RIGHT? CALL ME WHEN IT'S PUBLISHED IN NATURE or energy of the water what the fuck does that even mean you realize that a water molecule is made up of three fucking atoms and if you rearrange it t isn't water anymore and you would fucking notice the problem with microwaved anything is not the radiation Here is a handy diagram I drew of all the difterent types of THE ELECTRO/VAGNETİC SPECTRUM CANCER Microwaves l nuclear reactors, so calm your tits ts how it corrupts the DNA in the food so the body can not do you understand what DNA is and how eating works? DNA is a jumble of protein in the middle of each cell and it tells the cells in that particular organism how to make more ceils. Your body does not care about whether your food has any DNA in it or not The chemicals it cares about are things lke vitamins and sugars, as well as inorganic shit like satl (You can denature DNA by heating it or using chemicals like urea. It is ike what happens when you try an egg, which is basically a big glob of protein-the strands break apart and it looks like tiny white strings. Very cooll) I MAJUwaves dyuase uite îINeLuES เบา.IUve lastei diiu idslei I. just. .that is heating something over a flame or in a microwave or using the Sun. The difference is that microwaves mostly affect the water molecules in your food and they don't need to use as much heat Water boils at 100 C, which is just about as hot as water can get before it just turns into steam, but that's like the kwest setting on your oven. Oven-or stove-cooked food tastes different partly because it uses higher temperatures and partly because heat is way This movement causes friction That's not what friction is It results in destroyed vitamins, minerals, proteins and generates the new stuff called radiolytic compounds, things that are not found in nature Let's take these one at a time Vitamins are classified as water-soluble or fat-soluble So cooking things in water will dissolve the water-soluble vitamins (C and all the B's). Just plain heat doesn't do that, s0 Proteins: Breaking the chemical bonds in proteins (denaturing) is a part of any cooking. However, denatured protein is stl nutritious that's why you can meet your protein intake with foods like fried eggs and baked chicken Minerals are just chemical elements, like off the periodic table sodium, iron, potassium. (Vitamins and proteins are very complex combinations of elements) Which brings me to the radiolytic compound" bullshit. When you talk about breaking apart, say, iron-you're talking about breaking down the ron atoms themselves. Which is a whole lot different than breaking the bonds between atoms. It takes hella radiation. You need shit like gamma rays-the O0OH SCARY NUCULAR radiation-which we've already established do not come from your microwave things that are not found in nature What the shit does that even mean? You all know radioactive elements occur in nature, right? In rocks and also in living cells That's right, you have this radioactive kind of carbon INSIDE YOU You get it by eating those delicious plants. We can tell how long Tons of shit that occurs naturaly is hornibly bad for you. And tons of shit that never existed until we cooked it up is great for you- like the chemical compounds in a lot of medications. PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE THIS SHIT ARE WHY CHILDHOOD DISEASES THAT CAUSED SERIOUS ILLNESSES ANDIOR DEATH THAT WE NEARLY ERADICATED WITH VACCINES ARE NOW COMING BACK AND WHY CONSPIRACY THEORIST TWATS ARE ASKING CITY COUNCIL NOT TO FLUORIDATE THE WATER AND WHY GLOBAL WARMING WILL WRECK OUR FUCKING PLANET LERN 2 SCIENCE. Think before you reblog. And microwave your This was incredibly amusing to read. Thank you so much for sciencing achieved I found this somewhere and just had to share
Advice, Ass, and Bad: embyrr922 pyrrhiccomedy ifshehadwings ovaadosedonconfidenc Intuition is real. Vibes are real. Energy doesn't lie. Tune in This is actually called thin slicing. Your brain recognizes patterns from very small "slices" of information by comparing them to things you have experienced betore. This all happens very quickly ona subconscious level without our conscious mind being involved. So intuition is actually really fast pattern recognition, and it can be very accurate. So yeah, if you have a gut feeling that a person or situation is not good, get the hell out. Your brain knows what's up When I was young - because l've always been a big skeptical pain in the ass I thought that when people were talking about interpersonal "energy," they were on some Gay Ass Shit. Years later, after spending hundreds of hours reading studies about intuition and neuroscience and pattern recognition and the processing power of the subconscious mind, I realized that that kind of talk - "she has such good energy," "you need to read the energy of the room," "l just got some really bad energy off of that guy - is a convenient shorthand for the lightning-rast, weirdly-accurate, real-as-fuck subconscious processing of the probability of positive or negative social outcomes likely to result from hundreds or thousands of variables. That "energy" isn't a tangible thing floating around in the air. It's your brain updating you constantly with information about your situation. Listen to it. Especially if it's telling you to be nervous or scared. Your brain is very good at recognizing danger. Let the enormous processing power of your subconscious mind protect you. It's better at spotting patterns than you are "Bad energy" isn't some hippie shit. It's your brain setting off a claxon because it knows something's not right. Thin slicing is wonderfully helpful, but be aware that if it's doing its pattern recognition from bad sources, you need to actively override it. We're raised in a racist society, inundated with racist media, and bombarded with subtly (or unsubtly) racist advice. Thin slicing can save your life, but it's also the cause behind the unconscious elements of racism (and misogynylableism/antisemitism/islamophobia/etc.) that we all suffer from Trust your instincts, but if your instincts tell you something that seems prejudicial, double check their work Trust your gut. Unless your gut is a dumbass.
America, Anime, and Cars: Japanese Tea Party Article from thegalagals Read it Throw a fun Japanese lea Party for that special little gal! the1timelady: gayvetforlife: lynati: snapesonaplane: mistermetalface: jdbsmg-star: henryismywaifu: tinybookling: littleblackchat: lifeiscaulscott: semiauto14: daissychainss: dilfweed: jennaavh: madmints: takesabeating: cheshireinthemiddle: ginzers: spoopy-roxxi: ginzers: spoopy-roxxi: ginzers: Teach children that this is not ok Teach children that there’s nothing wrong with this I’m really not understanding why you think cultural appropriation would be ok, unless you are assuming that the girl in the picture is part Japanese. Yellow face yet she’s using white makeup in the traditional style but okay. Cultural appropriation isn’t a thing, hon. ☺️ Cultures should be shared by all means. I disagree. The makeup is clearly reflective of traditional Geisha makeup which is yellowface and therefore racist. Furthermore, the girl is wearing a kimono, a garment that has for ages carried cultural significance. Assuming that she is white how can you think this is ok? And cultural appropriation isn’t a thing? What rock do you live under? I suggest you educate yourself on the differences between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. I am japanese, in japan at this very moment. The only people who think culture shouldnt be shared are racists like you. A vast majority of Japanese people actually enjoy other people making an effort to spread and enjoy japanese culture, and encourage it. Many make businesses in deliberately taking pictures of people in kimono. A common omiage (gift) for foreigners from japanese people is traditional japanese things such as kimonos, tea seats, shisa dog statues, ect. And to top it off, basically 80 percent of japanese customs, traditions, and food, came from other countries. Japanese is an integration of different cultures, like america. Japan takes influences from places like korea, china, russia, and europe. If japan stuck to itself, there would be no tempura, japanese tea, tea ceremonies, kabuki, japanese bread, japanese curry, j- pop, anime, cars, or modern fishing techniques. The picture is not “yellow face” they are not making fun of asians. In fact, it looks like they put extra care and research into their work. The only reason that you have a problem with this is because that little girl is white and you know that it is acceptable on tumblr to crap all over white people. The only racist here is you. Rekt b t f o Dang she got shut down. Damn I’ve never hit reblog so fast in my entire fucking life Daaaaamn Pew pew pew I reblog this every time I see it I live in Japan and I’d like to back up this sentiment.  Recently a museum in Boston came under a lot of fire for allowing visitors to wear a ‘kimono’ (it was featuring a painting my Monet of a girl – a white girl – in a kimono, and the museum had replicas made that guests of ANY RACE could wear to mimic the painting, Pageant-of-the-Masters style). After protests and heated debate, the museum closed the event. I was living in Japan at the time, and out of all the *actual* Japanese people I asked, not a single one was offended by the event. Rather, they were excited that people half a world away were showing interest in their culture, and were sad that visitors could no longer enjoy the event. This party, though somewhat silly in application, is an attempt at experiencing and appreciating another culture. The mom who put this together is not an expert on Japan, but she did her best. She got a lot of things right: there are few things Japan loves more than tea, Pocky, and sakura.  Where do you draw the line for who is “allowed” to learn about Japan? If the girl were of Japanese descent, would that make it ok (even though her citizenship would be the same as the girl from the photo)? If one of the girl’s parents were from Japan, then would it be ok?  Are you only allowed to make pizza if you live in Italy? If you’re an Italian immigrant? How do we decide these things?? You can’t say you want to dismantle racism and then in the next breath make rules – based on race – for who people can wear, try, or eat, especially when the intent is obviously to have fun experiencing a culture (as opposed to having fun by making fun of a race or culture, like blackface does).  When you tell people they can only experience things ‘meant for their race’, it totally smacks of segregation to me and I can’t stand it. As someone who (obviously) loves Japan, I say let people learn about it, let people experience it, let people appreciate it. You don’t have to know every single thing about a culture to enjoy it. fucking people got owned is what, fuck i hate how people say you cant do shit when culture should be shared and is shared its how it grows and changes through fucking generations itS HOW YOU LEARN about the world and just fucking, tumblr fucking stupid like 70% of the dam time this new light FINALLY SOMETHING LIKE THIS BECOMES POPULAR OH MY FUCK THANK YOU To clarify: cultural appropriation is totally a thing, THIS JUST ISN’T AN EXAMPLE OF IT.  “According to critics of the practice, cultural appropriation differs from acculturation, assimilation, or cultural exchange in that this appropriation is a form of colonialism: cultural elements are copied from a minority culture by members of a dominant culture, and these elements are used outside of their original cultural context—sometimes even against the expressly stated wishes of members of the originating culture.““Often, the original meaning of these cultural elements is lost or distorted, and such displays are often viewed as disrespectful, or even as a form of desecration, by members of the originating culture. Cultural elements which may have deep meaning to the original culture may be reduced to “exotic” fashion or toys by those from the dominant culture.” to put in in short sentences cultural apreciation: wearing Kimoni respectful and doing tea ceremony and just enjoying the culture by understanding and learning cultural appropriation: sticking chop sticks in your bun while not understanding what these hairpieces you´re thinking of realy mean because you think it looks funny/neat/exotic
Future, Tumblr, and Weird: Oth dimension The Oth dimension contains a dot it's nothing more but pure information 1st dimension If we take infinite dots we will get a line 2nd dimension If we take infinite lines, the result is a plane 3rd dimension If we take infinite planes, we get space 4th dimension This one is a little trickier, so if we add another dimension to space we get this weird looking thing called and tesseract. Previously we always added another dimension by taking the previous object (black) twice and adding new lines (red) connecting each corner. To understand the resutling concept of the 4th dimension, we need to imagine one single element of the 4th dimension. If one element of the 1st dimension is a dot, an element of the 2nd dimension is a line, an element of the 3rd dimension is a plane that means one element of the 4th dimension is space Very confusing, but if we imagine the 4th dimension being time, everything starts to make sense. One element of the 4th dimension is exactly one moment in the universe. Meaning that the universe in its current state is one of infinite elements of the 4th dimension. If every moment was part of a line this line would represent the history and future of our universe It goes even further, we can add another dimension. The 4th dimension as a whole is the history of a whole universe, the 5th dimension as a whole is every possible history of the universe. That means it contains every possible outcome for every event in the history of the universe. Adolf Hitler winning the war, the dinosaurs never being extinct by an asteroid and so on. If we add another dimension it gets beyond human comprehension. It means not only every possible universe, but every possible concept of physical constants. If we go further, we get every possible concept of logical and physical laws. We go even further and we get every possible concept of existence itseltf Keep in mind this is a model for understanding a concept. It's not how it really looks like or works, it's a way to understand. If you ask how our universe started to exist and what the first of all events was, you know that time is just one dimension of many. Our understanding of time is that one thing happenes after the other. Physics tell us that time and cause are just purely concepts of our minds.We happen to live in a universe with physical laws that allow consciousness to exist and travel along the 4th dimensional "line". Weare just seeing one moment after the other, infact the history of our universe just exists, not in a particular order. It's a line, the line always exists, it goes infintly into the future and past. There is no first or last, it is like written in a book that has never been written, we are reading it, but how you read it or where you start depends on who is reading it. The real question is not why anything exists, but if anything does not exist. epicjohndoe: An Easy Way To Understand It All