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End of an era.

A DICE employees GLASSDOOR review of the company wholeheartedly explains the shambolic updates the poor Battlefield community have to endure. What a train wreck DICE has become bravo 5.2: I Posted by u/vicflic 4 months ago 1.2k Disappointed with Dice? This should explain it: Rumor Taken from a Glassdoor review of Dice in July 2019: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/DICE-Sweden-Reviews-E598397.htm? utm source=share&utm_medium=ios_app "End of an era" Current Employee Game Designer Doesn't Recommend Negative Outlook I have been working at DICE (Sweden) full-time Pros Parties, After Work with free drinks and free breakfasts. Most, if not all, coworkers are friendly and nice to be around. Salary and compensation are good for a European studio, but still underwhelming compared to American ones. Crunch is very low for most employees. Cons Creative leadership appears totally clueless. More often than not, their vision raises eyebrows, questions, and concerns. They push their ideas through anyways. Be prepared to work on systems you do not believe in, but leadership is convinced will be a smash hit. Studio leadership appears equally clueless or simply incapable of reining in creative leadership. The result is creative leadership is free to run amok with no oversight. Talking to studio leadership about issues will have them agree with you, only for nothing to happen. EA leadership either signs off everything without much scrutiny or are being kept in the dark on the problems the studio is facing right now. Leadership can make huge blunders but are forgiven and even promoted for the next project. Lower ranking employees can be stuck for years asking for a new role. Leadership conveniently holds meetings for themselves during playtests. Not surprisingly, they appear to be very disconnected with the state of the game. Developers also participate less and less because they know their concerns will not be addressed anymore. Bonuses and annual reviews can appear to be based on throwing darts. The quality or quantity of your work is not obviously reflected in your bonus which can range anywhere from 50 to 150%. Politics seems to play a bigger role than competence. For years, some designers accidentally had salaries significantly lower than other designers with comparable backgrounds, experience and titles. The editor for Frostbite is difficult to work with and feels like it is 15 years old. Basic file operations can take minutes, simple actions like copy and paste do not work reliably. Many people have left over the past couple months. It will be difficult to find potential replacements and get them up to speed. Talent loss may never recover. The studio has become much less open recently. You used to be able to submit anonymous questions for studio meetings. This is no longer possible. Contractors stay contractors forever. Advice to Management DICE: Play your games extensively before launch. Then play them even more after launch. EA: Scrutinize new games and ask employees directly what went wrong with old games. Don't rely on studio leadership's perspective alone. A DICE employees GLASSDOOR review of the company wholeheartedly explains the shambolic updates the poor Battlefield community have to endure. What a train wreck DICE has become bravo 5.2

A DICE employees GLASSDOOR review of the company wholeheartedly explains the shambolic updates the poor Battlefield community have to end...