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its-kesharose: #FreedomForKesha : Ricky Dillon @RickyPDillon Follow #FreedomForKesha i read articles about this yesterday and it made me so upset. kesha is one of my all time favorites Kesha was being raped by her producer for 10 years straight and when she tried to push charges her right to make music was taken away from her. so basically right now she is not only a victim of a disgusting crime but her career is at risk too. Help Kesha by joining this hashtag #FreedomForKesha and spread awareness of this situation. Jordan. Follow @HausOfJordane No artist should ever be threatened like this. No woman should ever be treated like this. #FreedomForKesha Records (which Luke created with Sony in 2011) FLAVORWIRE a while Sony called her claims "transparent and mis- guided attempt to renegotiate her contracts." (Ke- sha, meanwhile, blamed the company for endan- gering female artists). Dr. Luke's spokesperson said, "If Kesha now re- her contract: Until this Court rules on the declaratory judgment claim, Kesha is at an impasse... With no new music to perform, Kesha cannot tour. Off the radio and stage and out Despite having been accused by pop star Kesha (Rose Sebert) of allegedly having abused, drugged of the spotlight, Kesha cannot... get media vicky romanova @THEBLACKWIDOW Follow rape culture: kesha getting raped by her producer, and she's condemned for speaking out & HER carreer is threatened for it #FreedomForKesha blige @THECAROLDANVERS Follow ELCOM #FreedomForKesha her career should not have to suffer for the fact that she spoke up Walker Cook Follow @wtc 1998 Kesha is losing her career for publically accusing her rapist and people wonder why more victims of rape don't speak up #FreedomForKesha annie g Follow @KeshaWillRise #FreedomForKesha because at the end of the day she has done nothing but help us suzie Follow @sleazybae The fact that she is a huge suporter of gay rights human rights #FreedomForKesha now all she wants is her basic C. Wayne Follow @FlyingGrayson It isn't about you liking her music or not. She is a victim who is being punished for pressing chargers against her abuser #FreedomForKesha Tobey | Lady Gaga Follow @tobeymonster It's disgusting that we live in a world where you can rape someone and not only walk free, but also end someone's career. #FreedomForKesha Sean Conley Follow @SeanConleyyy Kesha has inspired me to be open with my life. She's helped SO many fans. Why are you trying to destroy this @TheDoctorLuke #FreedomForKesha Jayme. @Jaymemeetsworld Follow Kesha always promotes loving yourself and staying strong and all things positivity, we must fight for her freedom. its-kesharose: #FreedomForKesha

its-kesharose: #FreedomForKesha