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Friends, Head, and Movies: If a class was filled with every programming language, who would each programming language be? Assembly: He's the nerd. He speaks very quickly and uses short sentences. Very few people talk to him. He's considered to be an autist asperger by a majority of the class because he finishes the exams so quickly it's insane and he faces a lot of difficulties in speaking with others. He's at school but already dressed like an engineer Ada: She's a foureyes nerd. When she gets the answer shes doesn't make any mistake. Ada often corrects the teacher when she writes a line a little ambiguous. She's building a rocketship in her backyard and she's always speaking about this weird hobby Python: He's Mr Popular. He likes skate, brags about all the parties he's invited to. He's good in all the subjects taught in class but he'll do them a bit slower than the others. Everyone loves him because he explains things so well, sometimes the teacher herself asks Python to explain some part of the course. He's dressed with a hoodie, a baggy and glasses on the top of the head Java: She is one of the toppers of the class and very popular She's very good in all the topics. The teacher loves her but she's a very talkative person. Scala/Kotlin: They are twin sisters and the best friends of Java. Unfortunately, they are not as popular and it's often Java who takes the lead in the group. It's very difficult to distinguish one from another. Both are far less talkative than Java but Scala speaks a bit differently than Kotlin and Java C: He's the topper of the class. He's so fast in completing the exams that the teacher really thinks he's copying Assembly's work. He has a little brother C++ and they share a lot in common together. He's the chess major and often plays chess with Assembly and his big brother Go: He's the new kid on the bloc. He doesn't like C++ and his friends and he wants to prove he can do better than them. Of course, he prefers playing Go over Chess APL: He's a lonely guy. No one understands him when he speaks. Even the teacher is surprised when APL shows a correct answer after several lines of incomprehensible pictograms. People think that he was born in a foreign country... or a foreign planet? HTML/CSS: These twin brothers are very different. One is dressed in black and white and the other is dressed with everything except black and white. HTML is very talkative and annoying and the CSS is very artistic. CSS is the best student in Art lessons and HTML performs well in written expression. LaTeX: She's friend of HTML. The teacher likes her because she has a gift of writing. LaTeX likes the mathematical courses because she can draw fancy greek letters. The teacher knows this well and she is often asked to write a formula on the black board VBA: He's in the back, looking through the windows. Not really interested in the courses taught in class. In the exams he answers always with a table C#: He's in the back playing yet another game on his smartphone. He likes being next to the windows also JavaScript: People often mix up Java and JavaScript because they have a similar name. But they are definitly not the same. Javascript spends a lot of time with HTML and CSS. He's as artistic as CSS but he prefers things that move He likes actions and movies. CSS dreams to be a painter wheras JavaScript wants to be a film-maker Haskell: He's a goth. Dressed up in dark. Doesn't talk to anyone. He doesn't understand why others write pages when he can write a couple of lines to answer the same question Julia: She's the newest student here. She doesn't have any friends yet but her secret aim is to be as popular as Python and as fast as C If Programming Language were students. Found on Quora

If Programming Language were students. Found on Quora

Nasa, Apollo, and Moon: Margaret Hamilton, NASAs lead software engineer for the Apollo Program, stands next to the code she wrote by hand that took Humanity to the moon in 1969.

Margaret Hamilton, NASAs lead software engineer for the Apollo Program, stands next to the code she wrote by hand that took Humanity to the ...

Ether, Netflix, and Parks and Recreation: This is probably the best customer service exchange ever... Netflix Customer Service You are now chatting with: Michael 16 minutes ago You I have a problem to report Netilix Michael This is Cpt. Mike of the good ship Netfiox, which member of the crew am I speaking with 6 minutes ag 6 minutes ag You 6 minutes ago Greetings, Captain. Lt. Norm here 15 minutes ago Engineering has a problem to report Netflix Michael LT, what seems to be the problem? 15 minutes ago 5 minutes ag Visual displays are erratic, sir 4 minutes ago season 5, episode 13 of Parks and Recreation is behaving oddly Netflix Michael How so, LT? You at 5 minutes of operation You 4 minutes ago 4 minutes ago 14 minutes ago 4 minutes ago the visual creates a temporal loop 4 minutes ag and nearly 3 seconds of footage repeats over and over again 3 minutes ago Our ship seems to be immune to the eflect, as our lves are not actually repeating over and over Netflix Michael Oh, no. LTI told you no watching Netfiox while we sail through the Burmuda Triangle. ) 3 minstes a 3 minutes ago Dammit, m an engineer, not a navigator Netflix Michael 3 minutes ago 2 minutes ago We are not sure whether our instruments are at fault, or if some anomaly is present Netflix Micha LT Norm, does this happen at any other points on any other shows? minutes ago 11 สunutes ago But, this temporal loop has occurred at the same place on three separate days You no other episodes of ether Parks and Rec or other shows have been affected You We have attempted restarting the episode from the beginning, and she didn't budge minutes ag 0 minutes ago 0 minutes ago Netflix Micha LT. that is no good at all. 0 minutes ag We also attempted to start the episode "after the anomaly, and we were pulled back in and the loop continued minsites ag Ok. I will get this issue fagged so our techs can look at it minutes ag Worst of all, Captain.. the dalogue . It looped over Councilwoman Knope saying, This s real lide. This is real Ide. This is real lde WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Netflix Michal minutes ag HAHA Netlix Michal That is a homible place to get stuck Netflix Michaal Councilwoman Knope is such a worrier minutes ag 8 minutes ago 1 minutes ag Indeed, Captain. Netlix Michael 0 minutes ago 0 minutes ago [Oh, also, your report a problem with streaming wasn't working a minute ago. Hence this chat, which also happens to be best customer senice experience I think I have ever minutes ago Well thank you. Netllix Michael We got that reported on our end minutes ag minutes ago This needs to go on a blog somewhere minutes ag you will get a prompt to receive a transcript of this conversation when we are done. 8minutes ago Netflix Michael LT Norm, are there any other Netflix issues I could help you with today? You I almost wish there were minutes ago 7 minutes ago minutes ago Hehe:) Have a wonderful night. And one more thing, if you wouldn't mind, please stay online for a one question survey You minutes ago This chat session has ended you satisfied with your Netflix experience? No Thanks for your feedback you should probably go to TheMetaPicture.com lolzandtrollz:Guy Goes Online To Complain, The Best Thing Happens

lolzandtrollz:Guy Goes Online To Complain, The Best Thing Happens