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I dont know how to make a long post tho: Ever seen this kind of image? BROS NOT BROS They just want to see what you're playing. You better thank them for giving your dumb ass honey and keeping the flowers alive and shit These dicks wear the bee unifornm to troll wildiife and YOU. Do not fooled, these guys exist only to fuck you up and don't care what you're playing Don't believe everything you see on the internet! BRO BROS They just want what you're thank them for dumb ass honey and he flowers alive and shit These dicks bee uniform to troll wildife fooled, these guys ex Do not ly to fuck you up and don't care youre playing Here are some facts about bees, wasps and hornets: 1. Bees, wasps AND hornets all help to pollinate flowers. So if you want to fucking live you better not clap these things to death 2. Hornets and wasps kill of ,.varmints" like caterpillars, mos- quitoes, spiders, horseflies and more 3. In a month ONE hornet folk can eat up to 15kg of insects. A wasp folk makes at least half of this in the same time 4. Wasp or hornet poison isn't more dangerous than bee poison. In fact: bee poison is three times more poisonous! 5. Wasps contribute A LOT to the quality of wine, beer and bread. They carry essential yeast fungus in their stomach and distribute them all around their living space. Over 17 yeast fungus have been found in the stomachs of wasps and none of them in bees. And they even bequeath them to their young So if vou prick want some ice wine, beer, bread and you don't wanna die by 2050 you better not smack these to death and act like a screaming little girl! In the end: every animal on this world has its purpose! Educate yourself Not too sure about humanity tho and for sorry my eng Potato bee Source: https://blog.wwf.de/umgang-mit-wespen/ I dont know how to make a long post tho