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Anon has a crush: File: 20191028 203401.jpg (419 KB, 713x1400) Anonymous 10/28/19(Mon)22:39:22 No.812836108 [Reply] >>812837664 Has /b/ ever found a girl that's just perfect, but you know she would never go for a guy like you? I have, and its fucking killing me. >be me >work shit tier dead end job at Walmart for years just unloading trucks drinking and doing drugs every night. >apply for my dream job in the city near me. >get the job and things start to go amazingly for the first time in my life. >meet this qt3.14 who works in a different department than me. >she has a bf so I don't even bother giving her the time of day at first >ff 1 year been doing good at my job enjoying life and making friends >literally the happiest I've ever been in my life >qt breaks up with bf >start being friendlier and chatting with her more >fall harder than the guy who jumped off the WTC >start flirting with her to see what happens >she doesn't really reciprocate anything >figure she's not interested and its best to leave her be. >cant stop thinking about her >think its just cause I'm horny haven't jacked off in a while usually lose feelings for a girl after I jack off >feelings gets worse >decide to creep her social media to look for an excuse to not like her. >find out shes into pretty much everything I am >cant find one thing to hate about her >only made me fall harder >help /b/ I don't know if I can take it anymore >I know I'm not her type and I'm pretty sure she's not interested in me but I cant stop feeling my heart race when I see her smile >what can I do /b/? how do you make the pain stop? Also pic related its her Anon has a crush