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Blessed, Books, and Driving: Forbes 30Defining and driving the world THE 2019 of news and content 30 Under 30 2019: Meet The Millennials Changing The Face Of Media Betches Media Cofounders, Betches Media is botov al Since launching Betches in 2011 as a WordPress blog, CEO Aleen Kuperman, COO Samantha Fishbein and CCO Jordana Abraham have turned the women's lifestyle and entertainment site into a full-fledged multimedia company, expanding into podcasts, live events, newsletters and books. In 2017, Betches' revenue exceeded $5 million, Forbes estimates. So blessed. So moved. So grateful. BUT REALLY. We know it’s not typical for us to get personal in an instagram post but for anyone who’s ever wondered what goes into this account and the company behind it we’ll break our rule this one time. When we started Betches we had literally no idea what we were doing or what we wanted to get out of it. Being a female entrepreneur was not necessarily the “trendy” and exalted path that it is now, and lots of people, especially men told us along the way we couldn’t get to where we are bc we didn’t have this this or that, or do things the traditional way, or have the same vision as they did. Well, it’s true we didn’t have money, or mentors, or any business education between the three of us, and ya, we said fuck a lot. We hope that we can inspire any young woman out there who currently doubts herself and wonders if she’ll ever be able to do it (whatever it is) - the answer is yes, you can. We’re so thankful to our team and all the work you’ve put in to help us get here. Let’s fucking drink. @samifish @aleen @jordanaabraham