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“THEY ARE SENDING COW POOP TO MY HOUSE”omg-humor.tumblr.com: rachyyface airmandonovan + Source: veggieblt veggieblt: veggieblt: veggieblt: OH MY GOD I FUCKED UP SO BAD. I SAW THE CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY "BULLSHIT" SALE YESTERDAY AND BOUGHT IT THINKING IT WAS AN EXPANSION PACK. IT'S LITERALLY BULL SHIT. THEY ARE SENDING COW POOP TO MY HOUSE AND I HAVE NO CLUE HOW I'M GOING TO EXPLAIN IT TO MY PARENTS. I am a huge idiot and I would not like a box of cow poop to end up at my doorstep mail@cardsagainsthumanity.com I am a huge idiot and I would not like a box of cow poop to end up at my doorstep All my life I've been told to read into things before buying them and today I learned that very valubile lesson when I realized I had not bought something realated to Cards Against Humanity for my friend's christmas gift, but rather a box of cow poop. While it wouldn't be the oddest thing to show up to my doorstep something tells me my family would be less than thrilled if they opened up a box of literal shit while I wasn't there to explain it, so if possible would you be able to cancle my order? You can keep the 6 bucks and the poop. Or do whatever you want with the poop I ordered. Hell do whatever you want with that poop it's your poop anyways. Either way, I'd appreciate it if you cancled my order and didn't make dinner for the night a box of shit shows up on our doorstep really akward. Sans Serif - T - BIUA- E- E E 1 1 9 Send Saved Please for the love of god let this work 2 Cards Against Humanity 4:52 PM (9 minutes ago) to me a Hey Mark We're sorry, but we're unable to cancel your order at this point - it's been processed and sent to our fulfillment center. The wheels of destiny are in motion. If you'd like, we'd be happy to ship you additional poop. Maybe itl make the first poop seem less weird. Cheers, Tom God I am so fucked. 113,585 notes “THEY ARE SENDING COW POOP TO MY HOUSE”omg-humor.tumblr.com