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GQ just came in the mail and for the first time in a long while it had a really important article… I just sat here for like the last half hour reading this and I’m incredibly appalled at our justice system in regards to the military. The article interviews about 23 men who have all been sexually assaulted in some branch of the military. The PTSD from sexual assault in the military is more prevalent than PTSD from combat… If you have a chance I suggest reading this article…and the title is a quote that one of the victims Doctor told him… Hey guys! I’m very impressed and extremely happy to see this post gaining a lot of speed over the last few days! A few people have requested it, so i’ve gone ahead and scanned the pages of the article for those who want to read it, to read.  So, here it is! Wow. Very powerful stuff. I’ve had quite a few friends from back home enter the military and this is never something we bring up in discussions. I’m glad it’s garnering more attention.  Some quotes: “The moment a man enlists in the United States armed forces, his chances of being sexually assaulted increase by a factor of ten. Women, of course, are much more likely to be victims of military sexual trauma (MST), but far fewer of them enlist. In fact, more military men are assaulted than women— nearly 14,000 in 2012 alone.” “Military culture is built upon a tenuous balance of aggression and obedience. The potential for sexual violence exists whenever there is too much of either.” “Trent Smith, Air Force, enlisted 2011: “He was a senior aide— he had a direct line to the top. Being invited voer to his house, I just took it as I should go. Looking back, I as myself, Why didn’t you do anything? It wasn’t like he held me down or tied me up. I didn’t want to cross him. I really didn’t feel like I had any choice. I had just turned 19. It could be my career. I froze and went along with it.”“ “Rsearch suggests that the military brass may have conspired to illegally discharge MST victims by falsely diagnosing them with personality disorders. “The military has a systemic personality disorder discharge problem,” write the authors of a 2012 Yale Law School white paper. Between 2001 and 2010, some 31,000 servicepersons were involuntarily discharged for personality disorders. It is likely that in many cases these were sham diagnoses meant to rid the ranks of MST victims.” “Jeremy Robinson [name changed], Army, 1970-1972: “I have very little memory of my time in the psychiatric ward, because I was so heavily drugged. I stopped eating. I became suicidal, and I made three attempts. They gave me shock treatments against my will. The diagnosis was paranoid schizophrenia. I bore that label for forty years before the VA finally admitted they had misdiagnosed me.”“ “Above all, MST victins keep quiet because they do not believe their attackers will be punished. And they’re almost certainly right. The conviction rate in MST cases that go to trial is just 7 percent. An estimated 81% of male MST victims never report being attacked. Perhaps it should astonish us that any of them do.” “Mike Thomson, Marines, 1997-1999: ”I wasn’t “afraid” to report it— I was ashamed and disgusted. Guys aren’t supposed to be raped. I didn’t want to tell anybody about it. I didn’t want to say anything.”“ “Men develop PTSD from sexual assault at nearly twice the rate they do from combat. Yet as multiple research papers have noted, the condition in men is egregiously understudied. This is because so few men tell anyone. Those who do often wait years; many male participants in therapy groups are veterans of Korea and Vietnam. At Bay Pines’ C. W. Bill Young VA Medical Center in Florida, the country’s first residential facility for men suffering from MST, the average patient is over 50 years old at admission.” So GLAD the word is spreading!  How to talk about really important issues without derailment So hey, yeah, this is how you do it people. Don’t interrupt other convos about rape to turn it to men. Just start your own conversation. That’s how feminists made the topic headline news. You can do it too, without attacking other issues in the process. Good job GQ.