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Being Alone, Children, and Facebook: THIS LATINO MARINE VETERAN'S LIFE'S WORK DESTROYED BY ZUCKERBERG'S CENSORSHIP AGENDA You are probably wondering, where’s your favorite @unclesamsmisguidedchildren Facebook page? One of the largest Veteran-owned patriotic brands and Facebook Pages was censored by Zuckerberg and the silence is deafening from well known Conservatives. That’s right, Facebook took down our 2.2 million follower page. It is owned by Latino Marine Veteran Rick Ferran, also known as “Tank”- a nickname given to him by his followers. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children If you understood the amount of time, money, and heart invested in the creation of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, you would only begin to feel what Rick and his team have felt over the years. Is Rick perfect? No. Is he a great American – absolutely yes. As a single father who tries valiantly to provide for his daughter, Facebook has taken away his livelihood and ability to provide for her. He has invested his entire life, all of his hard-earned money, and his heart into creating the patriotic clothing brand known as Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. Seven days a week. That’s how much Rick and his team work. They have provided content for Facebook since the brand’s inception in 2009. At first sinking $50,000 into Facebook ads, he quickly learned that it was not producing what he needed for his store that has grown to 2,600 products. Through the loss of FIVE Facebook pages since 2009, counting the latest one at 2.2+ million followers, the company has take huge hits from the discriminatory business practices of Mark Zuckerberg. We have literally lost millions of dollars by Facebook’s actions over the years. We brought millions of dollars to Facebook so they could advertise to our organic following…they made money off us, but they’ve taken away our ability to make money. At one point we had a warehouse where our products were stored. It had to be closed after one of the first page take downs. If they had left us alone, we’d have 10 million followers by now. That must be why Zuckerberg is afraid. Rick has conducted hundreds and hundreds of podcasts with veterans and people in the news. People like James O’Keefe, Lt Col Allen West, Dinesh D’Souza, John Tiegen, Kris Paronto, patriots of all races and lifestyle