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Anaconda, Best Friend, and Fake: troyave I Got arrested, Stayed in jail to "Kept it Real" cause I believed In "The Streets" #StreetsSay: Ya Friends/Homies "Suppose To" "handle business & put in work" while u down!? #StreetsSay: If u all get pulled over Ya homies "Suppose to" take the charge 4 u cause the "Money Earner Provider" so business can continue. streets lied, this was Myth, when the pressure was on, I'm the only one who performed, al the homies & friends where out for they self, saying things like "I got kids, I can't go to jail etc Im fighting for My freedom because of a "HATER STALKER or the "cooler new word" a TROLL" it's all the same and it's all fake! And u You support that then U know what u are. [l'm DONE keeping it real with Fake niggaz]VA #StreetsisAMyth #StreetsSay-"This Our Block" but don't OWN nothing on it. #StreetsSay: "FreeMyBro" But never offer money for his appeal #MoralOfTheStory DO NOT KEEP IT REAL WITH FAKE PEOPLE, Because it'll cost You! Cost me My freedom Cost me full use in my Right Leg LERALERTCOM Cost me the life of my best friend Cost me Custody of my kids - Cost me Over $2,000,000 dollars in expenses And now it might cost me 20-40yrs in Jail at least another 5MILLION dollars+ the Career that i built from nothing against the odds for a Hater That's POINTING THE FINGER at me?! Told y'all it's a Handicapped being a real one.... If u asks most these niggaz to give $100 to a friend they Wouldn't #Facto I Guarantee you I can't Offset None of these COSTS with "Street Cred" And I Guarantee you The Streets Ain't contributing to None of my expenses. Ya Boy built different, I keep pushing thru all the negativity, I keep elevating slowly but surely cause lan the type to wait out the storm, I Dance in The Rain From the desk of TroyAve