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Abc, Ass, and Children: Isa-Lee Wolf @lsaLeeWolf Stealing money from children with cancer. Stealing money from children with cancer. Let it sink in. Stealing money from children with cancer The Trump Daily @trumpdaily Eric Trump Foundation Caught Funneling Cancer Research Cash Directly To His Father trumpdaily.com/trump-family/e revolutionary-defenestration: ambelle: unkindsunshine: bomistan: weavemama: weavemama: weavemama: HE SHOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS btw here is another source other than trumpdaily confirming this.  these white demons deadass stole 880k from sick kids to go towards their shitty ass golf resorts and plastic surgery……… to everybody in the notes complaining about sources, it literally takes all of .03 seconds to google “eric trump” and find the same story from whatever website you choose to trust in case you guys don’t want to close the app or whatever, let me make this post longer and harder to ignore. here’s some info right in front of you. all you gotta do is read it. (also feel free to add on or correct me on anything. all i did was read a few news stories and write a short summary.) So eric trump runs the Eric Trump Foundation, which “has raised $7.3 million mostly for children ill with cancer, according to IRS filings since 2007. (ABC)” While the ETF does “no direct charitable work, [it] passes on the bulk of the money it raises to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. (NYT)” Eric has announced that he is stopping all fundraising “because he now recognizes that his status as the president-elect’s son means that donors could try to use him to gain access to his father [and influence his policies]. (NYT)” This announcement has brought the fraud of the ETF to public eye. Eric has been essentially giving money to his father out of the foundation’s bank. He has been holding fundraisers at his family golf courses under the pretense that it would save the foundation money, but had in fact been paying money to his father’s company almost the whole time. He had paid quite a bit of money to his father, and although it was less than a million dollars, it could still have been significant. here are the sources i looked at along with some excerpts from them: “Eric Trump has falsely claimed his charity raises more money because its golf fundraisers don’t have to pay for use of the family golf courses. In a 2013 promotional video, he said that “we were able to come up with this concept of raising a lot of money with really no expense,” by using Trump golf clubs. Eric Trump had previously said in an AP interview that his charity has reimbursed costs of fundraisers at Trump National Golf Club Westchester. IRS documents show $881,829 paid from 2007 to 2014. The foundation failed to report to the IRS, as required, that it paid $100,000 to a Trump golf club in 2013, a potential conflict of interest. When asked by AP, Scardigli called the omission an ‘oversight.’” - http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/ap-eric-trump-foundation-flouts-charity-standards-44361388 “Eric Trump said on Wednesday that he had decided to stop directly soliciting contributions for his charitable foundation, which supports causes like the fight against childhood cancer, because he now recognizes that his status as the president-elect’s son means that donors could try to use him to gain access to his father.” - http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/21/us/politics/eric-trump-charity.html I expect absolutely nothing to be done about this. Of course nothing will be done. Trump has clearly been a cartoon villain for years and it hasn’t hurt him. No revelation of wrongdoing will stop him.