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Being Alone, Fake, and Family: APPAREL Do you see the kid on the left? More importantly do you see that grin on his face......what if I told you that was fake? In fact, what if I told you that picture was taken one week from being removed from my home and sent to live with my Aunt in Florida? You see that kid on the left knew what true helplessness felt like....he knew what it meant to feel lost, scared, depressed, and knew what it was like to feel like his life was already over before it even started. He even began to believe the lie that maybe just maybe the world would be better off without him in it. He lost his friends, his home, his girlfriend, and just about anything else you can imagine as a high school teenager..... You see the depression knows no age, race, gender, political or sexual preference....it is unbiased in that regard and it can touch anyone at any time that it wants. Yet even in his darkest times and darkest moments....when he was on a path to nothing and curious if he would ever amount to anything more than just that.....NOTHING! Proverbs 16:3 saved his life! Now, 14 years later, that broken shell of a boy has been heard by 1 BILLION people! He has been able to travel the world and meet tens of thousands of people asking him daily how to push through and what keeps him going?! Life is truly funny that way! The point? The point is simply this.....if you are struggling and if life truly seems like it is at its darkest and you feel lost, alone, or hopeless. Trust me when I say that where you are now is preparing you for where you need to go and who you need to be! You can go from the weakest to the strongest before you know it! Your life has VALUE and you MATTER more than you will ever know! So fight for what is to come! Not always what currently is! If a kid from nowhere MS and a broken home can make anything of himself....SO CAN YOU! To this day, I still struggle with feelings of being good enough or whether or not I should be here.....those feelings never truly go away. BUT I choose life and the journey that life is!!! Because trust IT IS WORTH IT!! So choose to fight....ALWAYS! -Graham🇺🇸 motivation throwbackthursday faith family life

Do you see the kid on the left? More importantly do you see that grin on his face......what if I told you that was fake? In fact, what if I ...

Billboard, Britney Spears, and eBay: billboard MUSIC AWARDS LIVE SUNDAY 8ET/5PT NBC Justin Timberlake Shades Las Vegas Residencies: "It Feels Like You're Planning Your Retirement" By: JESS COHEN Fri., Jan. 19, 2018 3:00 PM Justin Timberlake says the idea of doing a Las Vegas residency is "scary" to him The 36-year-old "Supplies" singer sat down for an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio this week and talked about his new album, Man of the Woods, family life, and his career path. During the interview Lowe asked about possibly doing a residency in Las Vegas, like many stars such as Timberlake's ex Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. MUSIC NEWS Britney Spears adds extra UK date as tickets sell out and appear on eBay for over £1000 Britney Spears FilmMagic/Getty Britney Spears at 3Arena sold out in 10 mins - but third party sales still available Melanie Finn and Aoife Kelly 27 January 2018 9:47 AM 1 Justin Timberlake cancels tour dates due to poor ticket sales Metro Entertainment @Metro_Ents Sad news for Justin Timberlake fans trib.al/srGixz9 6:30 AM - May 18, 2018 Justin Timberlake apologises after axing tour... It's his first tour in four years. <figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="332" data-orig-width="332"><img src="https://66.media.tumblr.com/7f8707f32cd86463bc8f412d599eb393/tumblr_inline_p8y5glmSwA1s7ksad_540.gif" data-orig-height="332" data-orig-width="332"/></figure>

<figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="332" data-orig-width="332"><img src="https://66.media.tumblr.com/7f8707f32cd86463bc8f412d599...

CoCo, Disney, and Family: TOMATOMETER All Critics Top Critics AUDIENCE SCORE 97% FREEH liked it Average Rating: 8.1/10 Reviews Counted: 151 Critics Consensus: Coco's rich visual pleasures are matched by a thoughtful narrative that takes a family-friendly and deeply affecting approach to questions of culture, family, life, and death. Average Rating: 4.7/5 User Ratings: 10,044 Fresh: 145 Rotten: 6 ADD YOUR RATING IXAR COCO +WANT TO SEE S NOT INTERESTED Add a Review (Optional) <p><a href="http://curlicuecal.tumblr.com/post/167812732515/themoviewhisperer-i-feel-like-coco-isnt" class="tumblr_blog" target="_blank">curlicuecal</a>:</p><blockquote> <p><a href="https://themoviewhisperer.tumblr.com/post/167810048479/i-feel-like-coco-isnt-getting-as-much-hype-as" class="tumblr_blog" target="_blank">themoviewhisperer</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>I feel like ‘Coco’ isn’t getting as much hype as it deserves, partially because of lackluster promo from Disney. If you didn’t know it’s getting <b>INCREDIBLE</b> reviews with most calling it the best Pixar movie since Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo. It’s already the highest grossing movie of all time in Mexico. I wanna see it do well in the rest of the world too, particularly the US where anti-Mexican has been all over the place this year. Please go see this movie this weekend. Thank you!</p></blockquote> <p>Huh. I haven’t heard a peep about this. Sounds pretty worth checking out!</p> </blockquote>

curlicuecal: themoviewhisperer: I feel like ‘Coco’ isn’t getting as much hype as it deserves, partially because of lackluster promo from Di...