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Bad, Food, and Friends: the-unpopular-opinions: timmy turner is the worst piece of shit in the history of animated cartoons.let me explain this shit to you. His only problems in life are his shitty babysitter and his parents not paying attention to him. Let me tell you this right now there are kids without parents or who are starving to death and they don’t have fairy god parents or shit like that but yet timmy has living parents food a nice bed and fucking fairies and still manages to be all upset about his first world life okay. okay timmy you piece of shit. if i knew this kid in real life he’d be dead id punch him square in the face. CHESTER DOESNT HAVE A  MOM AND LIVES IN A TRAILER WHERE THE FUCK ARE HIS FAIRIES BUTCH HARMAN. HUH. Don’t even get me started on how much of a mary sue this kid is. yeah he gets bad grades but only because his teachers insane because his teacher lost his fairies BECAUSE OF TIMMY. TIMMY RUINED HIS TEACHERS LIFE AND STILL COMPLAINS ABOUT HOW MEAN HIS TEACHER IS. FUCK YOU TIMMY. YOU KNOW MAYBE IF YOU TALKED TO MR CROCKER OR VICKY THEY WOULDNT BE SO MEAN TO YOU. MAYBE IF YOU WERE FRIENDS WITH VICKY YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO BE SCARED OF HER.  THIS SHOW IS CROC SHIT. KIDS ARE STARVING TO DEATH AND YET TIMMY THIS FIRST WORLD MIDDLE CLASS WHITE CIS BOY GETS NOT ONE BUT TWO FAIRIES. AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON REMY. WHAT THE FUCK. AND TIMMY IS SO SELFISH. HE COULD CHANGE THE WORLD, HE COULD STOP WARS HE COULD WISH HIS PARENTS WOULD PAY ATTENTION TO HIM, HE COULD WISH VICKY WAS NICE BUT HE DOESN”T HE WISHED FOR WATER TO TURN TO GELATIN BECAUSE HES JUST AS MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE AS VICKY. FUCK YOU TIMMY FUCKING TURNER. HALF THE TIME HES LIKE “OH NOT DA RULES I WANT TO WISH AGAINST DA RULES” FUCK ‘DA RULES’. THE WASNT EVEN SPELT RIGHT THESE ARE MAGICAL BEINGS AND YOU CANT EVEN SPELL THE FUCK YOU FAIRLY ODD PARENTS AND FCUK JORDAN VON STRANGLE FOR GIVING A STUPID TEN YEAR OLD FUCKING MAGIC FAIRIES AND  YOURE PROBABLY WONDERING DOUGLAS WHY ARE MAKING THIS SUBMISSION NUMBER ONE READ THE ABOVE NUMBER TWO BECAUSE FUCK TIMMY TURNER AND FUCK NICKELOEN.