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Barbie, Beautiful, and Community: 1l 20% 12:53 AM a Search Target Baby Sponsored Nothing beats a day-date with dads! A very happy Pride month to every family out there. 50,164 likes 1,407 comments О PHOTO STATUS CHECK IN pixelshiftexe: tattoosfade: whysoderp: nubiana-mericana: onesentencemusings: doll-cat: Lemme just talk about Targets diversity and acceptance. A black man. A Hispanic man. A white child. A two-man relationship raising a healthy baby boy with love. I’m so glad that target doesn’t give a fuck about social “norms” and came to the game with no fucks about who it offends or if they lose business. Its beautiful. It’s different. Its brilliant. I’m all for it. My boyfriend works for target and they’re a really good.company to their employees too. Yay target! Target is like Walmart but with good morals 🙌🙌 what i like about target is that a few years ago when they got in trouble with the LGBT+ community for donating to conservative politicians, instead of just apologizing they actually hired a whole new team to oversee their political donations. additionally, they began to fully come out in support of the LGBT+ community and started making very public campaigns for LGBT+ rights and whatnot. instead of doing what many people do and weakly apologize, they fully acknowledged they were being problematic and wholeheartedly began to become better They also hire convicted felons who’ve served their time and people who are and look “abnormal,” ranging from mental and psychical disabilities to teenagers with dyed hair / piercings. They’re also trans-friendly. This is their company policy, and they follow completely in here in NY. In one of their mor recent ads where I’m from, they’ve not only got a boy playing with barbie dolls, but the girl they’re using to advertise some of their toys has Downs syndrome. A+ for representation and modernity, Target!