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Tumblr, Blog, and Http: the-cinder-fields: The Unicorn in Captivity (from the Unicorn Tapestries) c 1495–1505

the-cinder-fields: The Unicorn in Captivity (from the Unicorn Tapestries) c 1495–1505

Bruh, Chill, and Parents: GMP Wigan East 7 December at 13:35 Wigan East WANTED PERSON Caylan Clossick, 18yrs, is wanted by the police. If you have any information as to his whereabouts please contact 101 Like CommenShare 16,543 people like this. 25,234 shares Top Comments Brad Smith Found him down the nuts n bolts Isle in BnQ Like Reply 53,836 Yesterday at 09:39 878 Replies , 2 mins lan Christopher He was looking through the plane window on my flight to Spain last week.. Like , Reply- , 55,548 . Yesterday at 02:43 1350 Replies , 2 mins Tez Taylor They cant get near him. He hears them coming a mile away. Like Reply 27,072 7 December at 14:30 Edited 127 Replies 19 mins David Fields How u gonna catch someone that can fly Like Reply 26,515 7 December at 17:11 158 Replies 10 mins Jack Straughan He has left traces of his whereabouts in the metro centre Like , Reply- 31,004 . Yesterday at 13:15 194 Replies 8 mins Reece Emanuel Its okay, hes not on the run. Master gave him a sock Like Reply 16,321 Yesterday at 13:46. Edited 400 Replies 4 mins Barry Lomax I'm just ear for the comments Like Reply 38,291 7 December at 22:11 240 Replies 11 mins Will Vennard When your 10 minutes into Dumbo and chill and he gives you X this look Like Reply 21,422 23 hrs 390 Replies 10 mins Jack Winrow New Can you not pick him up on your radio with them badboys? Like . Reply- 11,436 . 7 December at 16:21 38 Replies 1 hr Nathan Edwards His parents were unavailable for comment.. Like Reply 07,211 17 hrs Edited 62 Replies 41 mins Andy Mann How many pencils could you fit behind one of them Like Reply 8,863 7 December at 23.22 73 Replies 6 mins Brent Kilner Last knows whereabouts: orbiting the earths atmosphere. Like Reply 7,895 21 hrs 120 Replies 27 mins Andrew Keiller With the wind we've been having recently this lad could be anywhere. Like Reply 6,467 Yesterday at 09:37 Edited 106 Replies 3 mins hoesnevergetcold: thagoodthings: vbdul: rudegyalchina: Bruh Y they just flame him lmfao I ain’t gon lie tho I ain’t never seen white ppl cook someone like this who knew white ppl had it in them

hoesnevergetcold: thagoodthings: vbdul: rudegyalchina: Bruh Y they just flame him lmfao I ain’t gon lie tho I ain’t never seen white pp...

God, Ignorant, and Love: HE WO MAN FE MALE HU MAN PER SON visual-poetry »swofehuperx by richard tipping (+) [vial mitosisisyourtosis men fabricated the idea that they are the default sex to compensate for their biological inferiority and general superfluousness this is not just the natural order this is the language of a patriarchal culture rhysiare Omg no, you are wrong on so many levels and as a linguist this makes me ache something terrible. In my linguistics dass in undergrad, we actually made fun of people who think like you along these lines and for good reason, because you are wholly ignorant and are choosing to spin narratives about things and fields which you know completely nothing about yet pretend you do. 1 She: This word evolved naturally from Old English from seo/heo which were just words to refer to feminine-female people evolving from Proto- Germanic words meaning that/there. He as a word evolved from the same ideas but Proto-Germanic words for thishere, Your idea of patriarchal language further falls apart when you compare this part of English to other Germanic languages, of which English is related, the words in German for he and she are 'er and sie", completely unrelated So it is by clear happenstance, not some patriarchal conspiracy that the words he and "she in English have similar form. 2. Woman: Oh god this one always gets my goat when people go for this one. Man did not used to mean "male", man used to mean humanity/human being, the old words in Old English for male adult person and female adult person were werman and wifman respectively, we can see this relation in words like werewolf and wife as being the remnants of the base "wer- and the base wif-. Woman evolved phonologically from the word wifman by natural processes where the 'f sound dropped and the became lax. Man dropped its wer stem for reasons mostly unknown but I can guarantee have nothing to do with patriarchy because phonological change has no basis in that. 3. Female: Male and Female actually come etymologically from two completely different words. Male comes from Old French masle which meant masculine, while Female came from Old French as well femella which meant young woman. This is another case, just like he and she where the words coincidentally ended up looking similar without having any direct correlation in historical linguistic processes to make them as such 4 Hman: This word etymologically derives from Proto-Indo- European "ghomon which means earthly being as opposed to heavenly being which would refer to gods. You have some small glimmer of hope here in that the word does eventually branch off into the word for man in some languages but this is still too small of a precedent to base any conspiratorial thinking like you are doing off of 5. Person: This one offends me the most, simply because I love the fuck out of Etruscan language and your continued ignorance just irks me at this point. Person derives from persona from Latin which meant the same meaning, which ultimately derived from phersu Etruscan for mask as Etruscans would often have theatre performers use masks to give identity to the performers. So never once did "person have any meaning to do with son So yes, this IS the natural order or language. Please never proselytise your faulty ideology and misandrist thinking within speaking about word origins and morphology again, as unless you actually do fact checking I will school the everloving hell out of you, stay in vour lane. Swofehuper He Man Male Manson
Life, Saw, and Steam: fandomsandfeminism There is a phrase used to describe people, often strangers, as "ships passing in the night." The phrase is meant to describe how fleeting the intersection of two lives can be, how briefly people we don't know can flicker in and out of our lives. But when I read about the Titanic, I think we can push the phrase further. Because sometimes, as you pass another ship in the night, you may hear a cry in the dark. A person in danger. A shout for help. Distress rockets and SOS signals wailing into the night. A stranger in crisis. And in those fleeting moments as your ship passes theirs, you get to make the choice- are you the Californian, the closest ship to the Titanic, which saw the distress rockets and saw the lights on the horizon and sat and did nothing; or are you the Carpathia, turning on a dime, pushing all steam to the engines, racing to help? We can not say for sure what caused the Californian to not help the Titanic in that night of crisis. Whether is was apathy or incompetence or fear, we don't knovw But we know that every single soul who survived the Titanic survived because of the Carpathia. Because the crew and the passengers of that ship raced nearly 60 miles through ice fields above their maximum speed in the dead of night, readying life boats, readying triage, to pull them from the water. So, yes, we are ships passing in the night, and when given the chance to turn away or do good, always err on the side of reckless compassion. concept: bystanders should be called californians.

concept: bystanders should be called californians.

Anaconda, Spider, and SpiderMan: SO YOU'RE SAYING EVERY TIME GARGAN OR BROCK HAS BEEN INCARCERATED- 5 -WHILE BONDED WITH THIS ALIEN CREATURE, THEY'VE BEEN PERMITTED TO KEEP IT ON THEIR PERSON?! YES! EVEN THOUGH WE'VE KNOWN WE COULD REMOVE IT WITH SONIC BLASTS! BLAME THE ACLU AND PETA! THEY LOBBIED FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE SYMBIOTE! UNBELIEVABLE! WHY NOT LET HIM CARRY A LOADED FIREARM WHILE THEY'RE AT IT?! symbisexual-disaster: cassowarykisses: Even though we’ve known we could remove [the symbiote] with sonic blasts [we weren’t allowed to]! Blame the ACLU and PETA! They lobbied for the rights of the symbiote! on a meta level, this is an attempt by the writers to come up with an in-universe reason for Venom never being broken up into human symbiote when they’ve been arrested (and also take a dig at the ACLU and PETA) but in-universe? the raw implications of the ACLU having a successful symbiote rights campaign that happens entirely offscreen and is never mentioned again?  when did this campaign happen?  who spearheaded it? Eddie did date two lawyers (Anne Weying and Beck Underwood) - were they involved in any capacity? did the ACLU actually sue on behalf of the symbiote? if so, what judge presided over this? what new fields of case law have been opened up by this? what existing case law is there in the Marvel universe for the rights of mutants and extraterrestrials? who were the witnesses in this case? even if it never went to court and was a 100% an ACLU campaign to get people to appeal to their representatives on behalf of symbiotes, you could still have expert witnesses called to Congress. you probably can’t subpoena Spider-Man, since his identity isn’t public, but what about Reed Richards (since he had the symbiote in captivity at least once)? what about various prison therapists and case managers? Matt Murdock, since he represented Venom in the Venom: On Trial miniseries? there is an entire court drama waiting to be written here and this throwaway line will never be touched on again This is insane hahaha That awkward moment when a comic universe PETA is more progressive than the real one.

symbisexual-disaster: cassowarykisses: Even though we’ve known we could remove [the symbiote] with sonic blasts [we weren’t allowed to]! Bl...

College, Food, and Fucking: Ronald Reagan stuck it to millennials: A college debt history lesson no one tells Dramatic, awful changes occurred on my generation's watch and it amounts to a fiendishly successful conspiracy PETER LUNENFELD wes-stoodis: lokicolouredglasses: imathers: abraxuswithaxes: smallrevolutionary: trungles: shorterexcerpts: styro: salon: Ronald Reagan pretty much ruined everything for millennials. fuckin’ ronnie I try and bring up how he ruined free in state tuition in the name of hippie bashing when he was California’s governor often, but don’t exactly have the biggest platform. “Worst of all, these students’ sense of the future is constrained by planning for and then paying down their student loans, often for decades. Economists are waking up to the fact that when young Americans enter the workforce burdened with over a trillion dollars in cumulative debt, they become risk averse, unwilling to move, less able to make major purchases, and slower to become homeowners. Not coincidentally, they don’t feel safe enough to register any major protests against the society that’s done this to them.” Damn. i am reblogging again because….. fuck ronald reagan forever and ever and ever and ever. Economists should be adept in their fields, how are they only now realizing that paying off our student debt is a fucking priority over anything else other than food? Weird, it’s almost like there’s something missing from the study of economics. Who would have possibly thought that a young generation owing trillions of dollars could have a negative effect on the economy?
Bane, Funny, and Gif: supernova2395: madmints: kasaron: edwardspoonhands: hoiplatapolloi: gifsboom: Perfect magnets Fun story: One of the first things I was taught as an astronomy student is that, if you want to be a dick to someone giving a presentation, ask them “and how do the magnetic fields play into this?” and they will invariably say “fuck you I don’t know” because no one understands magnetic fields they are black magic. Originally posted by fencehopping Magnets are pure bullshit. Pure utter bullshit. Electromagnetic forces somehow outstrip gravitic forces in strength by an obscene factor, for no reason I can comprehend and it bothers me. I love magnets One, that gif showing the Curie temperature is really cool. Two, you don’t understand, magnetic fields are the bane of my existance and I have a masters dissertation about them. I studied how magnetic fields develop in low mass stars and every single meeting with my supervisor ended in some conversation about how stupid magnetism is.“Oh yeah and this is effected by the magnetic field strength…”“But why?”“God knows, I don’t have a clue.”Was literally said to me by a professor who has spent 20 years of his life looking at magnetism in stars.ALSO:“Don’t ask why, we don’t know. Maybe magnetism? Who knows anything about magnetism.” - My Stellar Physics professor when asked about certain processes in stellar formation, something he has been studying for 10 years.Like we know so little about that it’s actually funny.
Tumblr, Blog, and Http: the-cinder-fields: Akino Kondoh, from no.4 Kiya-Kiya series, 2011

the-cinder-fields: Akino Kondoh, from no.4 Kiya-Kiya series, 2011

Animals, Bad, and Books: stardewfairy stardew valley gothic .the time passes so quickly yet so slowly. it's been a week, it's been months, it's been years. you do not age. nobody ages. the children don't grow up. you start forgetting everything about your life before you live here. you've always lived heree when it rains, you hear strange faraway howls and screams that fill you with primal terror. you never stay outside for long on rainy days your crops grow within days. you plant seeds in the ground. ten days later, the fields are overgrown with corn you find things when you dig in the dirt. roots, clay, stone. books skulls that don't look like they belong to any animal you know there are only two channels on tv. the weather and the fortune teller. it doesn't matter when you turn it on, the weather program is only just starting. it will be sunny tomorrow" the weatherman says with empty eyes and a too-wide smile. you flip to the fortune teller's channel. "the spirits are in a bad mood today" she says, "be careful you shiver, and decide not to go to the mines today .have you always been so strong? you can chop down a tree in minutes and you can carry hundreds of stones in your backpack. .you wake up at exactly 6 every morning. you can't wake up earlier, or later sometimes your scarecrows are not planted where they were yesterday .you hear whispers in the old community center. you can almost seee something indiscernable out of the corner of your eye. you bring offerings, hoping to appease the spirits, today it's winter you swear two days ago it was summer the berries you found in the woods have a strange metallic taste their juices stain your mouth red. you keep eating them anyway .nobody ages. nobody ages. nobody ages. what year is it? you keep bringing offerings in the old community center. honey milk, wine, peaches, dead animals. there are never enough offerings the fruit bats that live in the small cave near your house leave fruit for you. they bring you out of season fruit, exotic fruit, fruit that comes from halfway across the world, fruit that you've never seen before .the wizard granted you the power to understand the spirits that live in the old community center. now you wish he hadn't. every night when you get home, you lock the door and close the windows. every morning when you wake up, your cat is somehow inside the house .the train passes through stardew valley sometimes, but never stops. you can hear howls coming from it. you try talking to the people in the village, but they always seem to be repeating the same things. "do you have any blueberries?", asks lewis for the 14th time this month there are things in the mines. don't go into the mines we're insulated from the rest of the world here savs demetrius now that you think of it, you have never received a letter or a phone call from the outside world. is there even an outside world? there is a bath house, north of the town. there is never anyone there, but the electricity works and the water runs. when you enter the locker room, there is a bathing suit just your size waiting for you the water in the big bath is milky. you can't see the bottom. you enter it anyway. when you exit, you feel happy and energised. you have nothing to worry about. come back soon! . the bus to calico desert is out of service. the road to calico desert is out of service. do not go to calico desert. do not ask about calico desert. do no think about calico desert. there is no calico desert. you are out late at night, gathering berries. at exactly two am, something knocks you out. you wake up in your bed the following morning. don't think about it. go to sleep you try staying up past two am the following night, only to be knocked out again. go to sleep. go to sleep. go to sleep you have been here for a couple of weeks, or maybe for decades nothing changes. you can't die. you can't die. you can't die Source: stardewfairy 5,000 notes In the Valley of Stars

In the Valley of Stars