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Being Alone, Bad, and Beautiful: daddynietzsche throwback to that time in my existentialism class where the professor asked who thinks hell is other people' and half the class slowly and meekly put their hand up then the prof was like ..i mean who originally said it annabellioncourt there are some posts that sound utterly made up for the joke or for the notes, but this one I whole heartedly believe kurloz38 Sounds right to me.. jadagul That quote is amazing to me in that it's quoted completely accurately and yet in a way that means something completely different from what it meant in context. Sartre was claiming that Hell was other people. He was not claiming that other people were hell.) sigmaleph . can't actually tell what distinction you're drawing there. Can you expand? jadagul The line comes from No Exit, which is set in Hell Spoilers for No Exit follow In particular, three people who have been condemned to hell are trapped eternally in a room together. And at first they think they got off easy without any pitch- forks or fiery lakes or anything. But over the course of the play they discover that they have been chosern very specifically to have neuroses and character flaws that interact with and torment each other Each one needs the approval of a second in an unsta ble RPS cycle so that any time one of them might be satisfied by a second, the third swoops in and ruins it And when they figure this out, one of the characters expresses his understanding, that hell isn't physical torture. "Hell is just-other people." So the point isn't that other people, generically are hellish; it's rather that you can build a hell out of other people But when I hear people quote it, it's usually sort of an introvert-pride thing. "Other people are hell; you should spend time alone." And that's not the point at all. It's a statement about how bad unhealthy relationships can be, not a statement about how all relationships are unhealthy! See also Sartre's own comment here "hell is other people" has always been misuhderstoo as been though that what I meant by that was that our relations with other people are always poisoned, that they are invariably hellish relations. But what I really mean is something totally different. I mean that if relations with someone else are twisted, vitiated, then that other person can only be hell. diapordias Reblogging for the original post which was hilarious and also for that explanation which is beautiful Source: daddynietzsche People are hell.

People are hell.

Candy, Elf, and Facebook: oo0 Verizon LTE 12:49 PM Search Starbucks 3 hrs . Hey Starbucks, as the unicorn frappuccino was so popular, thought I'd pitch a few suggestions for fraps based on other mythical creatures: Dragon frappuccino: Made with dragonfruit, cinnamon, and fiery hot chiles. A shameless ploy to acquire gold. Werewolf frappuccino: Seems like a normal chocolate frap (werewolves love chocolate) but the caffeine doesn't kick in until the next full moon. And boy howdy, does it kick in. Mermaid frappuccino: Extra foam and sea salt caramel drizzle. Comes with a free Danish in honor of Hans Christian Anderson. Centaur: Has an oatmeal raisin cookie crumble crust. Oats for the horse and raisins for the wine-lovina human Whinned cream is Write a comment.. Post o Verizon LTE 12:49 PM Q Searclh Fairy frappuccino: A delightful delicate flavor of honeysuckle and lavender, it has the unfortunate effect of making you fall in love with the next live creature that you see. Pixie frappuccino: MIXED WITH TGE POWDER OF WITH 15 PIXIE STICKS Elf frappuccino: Made with the most important food groups- candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. Keebler cookie crumbles Hobbit frappuccino: Only served in size tall. Get one for breakfast and get a second one free! Ogre frappuccino: Looks green and putrid on the outside, but has layers of different flavors that will Smash your Mouth Zombie frappuccino: like a normal frap, but with SEVERAL extra shots of espresso Write a comment... Post ooo Verizon LTE 12:49 PM Q Searclh Wizard frappuccino: Butterbeer Witch frappuccino: You'd think it would be the same as the wizard frap, but it has eye of newt and toe of frog #everydaysexism Yeti frappuccino: Tastes like a lemon snow cone, with Himalayan pink salt Alien frappuccino: They actually do have this in the Starbucks at one government building in New Mexico, but it's on the secret menu Ghost frappuccino: Zero calories. Probably just blended ice. Poltergeist frappuccino: Hurls itself against the wall after you pay for it Vampire frappuccino: Blood. It's just blood. 2 Shares Write a comment... Э| Post ooo VerizonLTE 12:49 PM Search egan Anne Fraedric Or most of these monstrosities 1 HOUR AGO LIKE REPLY 2 Write a reply.. Starbucks Hi, Megan. Thanks for the awesome suggestions! They raise some interesting food safety and supply chain concerns, but hey, maybe it'll just be a fun challenge for our product development teams who are used to more traditional sourcing methods. ;) 1 HOUR AGO LIKED 13 REPLY Write a comment... Post jackskellington84: sophettestuff: sanjha-a-kitani: schmergo: The official Starbucks facebook account reviewed my pitches for new Frappuccinos based on mythical creatures to follow the unicorn one I love how it starts out with the dragon one which could theoretically be done and then just devolves into “it’s just blood”. I know right jsjsjsj I love this too much

jackskellington84: sophettestuff: sanjha-a-kitani: schmergo: The official Starbucks facebook account reviewed my pitches for new Frappucci...