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genius! i would buy those tampons: It's a Tampon. You shove it up your agma. Let's not beat around the bush here OR SHALL WE?! Why the fuck is she cuddling with Tampax at what appears to be a pool that is also the ocean? I want a tampon commercial where the women are fighting zombies or some shit. And they're all beat up and bloody and shoving tampons into bullet wounds to stop the bleeding. And I want one of the ladies to full-on decapitate a zombie with a machete or maybe a scythe And then I want her to look directly into the camera with blood running from an open wound on her forehead and say, For the fighting spirit. A That commercial would win all of the Oscars. That commercial would make more sense that all this faffing about through the fields of daisies and cuddling your fucking tampons bullshit... What are you talking about? I sit by the pool/ocean cuddle my tampons all the fucking time Who wants to start a tampon company with me just so we can make that commercial? What would it be called, Tampocalypse? I'd be game if it were called Tampocalypse reblogging for the priceless notes The Tampocalypse FOR THE FIGHTING SPIRIT Well periods aren't all 'Let me parade around in my motherfucking white bikini at the beach and shake my ass around in front of the hot boys while snuggling my tampon box ITS LITERALLY A BLOOD BATH!! IT'S A WAR! IF YOU GET IN MY WAY, FUCKER I WILL KNOCK YOU THE FUCK OUT! Tampocalypse Reblogging for the comments this is the best chain of comments ever. period. can I be a shareholder? Source: moodgelet genius! i would buy those tampons