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Parenting hacks both old and new: Dad and hid tipproved! ▲ p; 00K of POEMS DUNLAP Monday Tuesday Friday Starting in Kindergarten, put the child's graduation year on a large t-shirt. Take a picture each year with same shirt to watch the child grow into the shirt. Display at graduation party! 2025 7. Use a sturdy cardboard box for an impromptu stair slide! Bubble Refill 3. Use magnets to keep their cup on the fridge! 4. Drop some paint in a plastic bag for a no mess solution to artistry! via /lifehack) Tip: Use hanging garden baskets for Eoy storage 1. PVC pipes 2. deer netting 3. pool noodles 4. playhouse siide 5. add balls & have fun!! kid not included Add a 2nd shower rod in the back to hang poufs, kids toys, etc. An old entertainment center turned into a Beautiful Baby Station! m Breakfast Walk or Park Snack Learning Activity TV show Lunch Clean up EE Reading Room lime o nack. Free Play TV Show Dinner Skittle for a TOWEレs a TS BUY 10 DOLLARSTORBE BUC DRILLA FEW HOLES CONNECT WITH ZIP TIES DONE! Puppy Pads BEST BED-WETTING SOLUTION EVER ill labLLia !癡 o VA e S? MOSE s a RolMAIVs ROOM Blocks Legos O Mom's Spy Window redhead can decorate Com color n /B Nail Polish Bites Marshmallows dipped in frosting and topped with a tootsie roll. So cute for a little girls party!! Scouring Sponge Loofah Crepe Folded Cotton Pipe Curled Pad Ball Cleaner Twine Sponge Paper Felt Art for Kids: Homemade Paint Brushes Muffin Feathers Cosmetic Burlap Folded Scouring Fruit Pom Pom Wedge Liner Foam Sponge Netting Tape off sections on a canvas and let your baby be the artist Save Baby clothes and make a quilt with them for a keepsake. George. When your kids are born, reserve them dn email dddress. Over the years send them photos notes, kid-isms, stories, photocopies of their achievements etc. On their 18th birthday Give them the password! START A HERE 2 NN Homemade maze using cardboard boxes. Kids then use flashlights to find their way out. How come l never thought about this as a kid? start Warnings o RTImee out minutes No Games DR TV GO Go to be EARly TRY AGAIN TOMORRow... Sorry buddy. dys WILL be GRAs OR se the move say but Boys on So they sauY one da But I'm raising my Whinino & Beino Sassy boy to be a man one us not, noe, maheneyt SHOUTinG day nice and not HicninG hurts NoboDy lines their face in the dirt. tlme yough think twice Because little who boys that fight, hi h 5hout will be boys that grls who sit in TIME OUTV Have to STUFFED AnimAL STORAGe SOLUTIOn BEFORE AFTER Come ogether kids.com Turn Old Baby Clothes Into A Teddy Bear Baby Quilt ctivities Juice 100% JUICE RANG Good Sandwich Guide Overlap Nothing in corners l AVM e From This. MAows To This! KIDS FALL OUT OF BED 1 FITTED SHEET +1POOLNOODLE wwwal annageora Alanna George k,지 Use a fine mist spray bottle to cool buckles. The water doesn't have to be cool. Evaporation will cool the hot plastic and metal quickly. S OUT OF THE PLAYPEN Need to remember this for KIDS...Remove a splinter easily by applying a paste of baking soda and water, then waiting several minutes for the splinter to pop out of the skin. Gotta remember this! FIND YOUR CHILDREN PARENTS PHONE NUMBER QUICKER N CASE A CHILD GETS WHEN THEY LOST IN PUBLIC ARE LOST 3 7 This is every parent's greatest fear. Give them temporary tattoos in case they get lost during an outing. if I am lost, please cal 301-518-8535 Need a place to put your kid? Make a hammock with a blanket tied around a table. WASH YOUR KID'S LEGOS ATLEAST ONCE A MONTH IN YOUR WASHING MACHINE My dearest Emily, l came by tonight to retrieve your tooth and leave your payment however, because of the condition of your bedroom, had a horrible time even getting to your bed safely. Once there, was unable to locate the tooth pillow due to the amount of pillows, blankets, and bodies in your bed. l will have to come by on a different night-perhaps you can take the time between now and then to properly clean and organize your room. Ibet if you ask your mother NICELY, she will even help you to do it. Much love, For Todays Wifi Password: Empty Dishwasher 2. Fold Laundru 3. Vacuum Dewnslais u Take out Trash 21st century parenting My friend told me to use affitted sheet tolkeep Sand off when at the beach Genius. Our Shipp BUBBLES 6 Cups water cup Dish Soap* 112 cup Cornstarch 1 TBSP Balking PowD3R 1 TBSP Glycerin** www.busykidsnappymom org BEACH HINT: Buy a diaper and insert your valuables. Roll it up to look used and BAM! Never have anything stolen from the beach again. 本@c . 0 USE PVC PIPES TO MAKES A POOLSIDE DRYING RACK. DUMPADAY COM Frozen marshmallows make a great activities ouchie pack. Soft & not too cold Clever trick for the crib When they grow out ofit PARENTING WIN IUMANVIN Charger Jail Get them back When you have no Ds kids Grounding your tween from devices? activities Bag the chargers. Effective! ue Holes in ba To andeeseelandeedo come 鼍 life hacks If you ever have to clean up vomit (and hopefully you don't), put ground coffee on it first. It takes away the smell and dehydrates it. You can then sweep it up easily. Monday Shoes Done Done lan Twist BATTLES uaedi French Vanil mate Van anil Track Your Chores Trash Clean room Make Bed Feed Dog Bathe your baby in a laundry basket so they won't fall and their toys won't float away! via CHI DID YOU KNOW? Crayola In case of a blackout, a crayon will burn for 30 minute After Before http://itswrittenonthewalls blogspot.com/... Parents of girls, take note.Asmallspray bottles with 2 TBSP of fabric softener,therest water "Doll Hairspray." Easy method for smoothing and renewing any doll's hair. This is handy to know HOW TO REMOVE PERMANENT MARKCR FROM EVERYTHING Sharpie KING SIZE CLOTHES-USE HAND SANITIZER WOID USERUBBING ALCOHOL CARPET -USE WHITE VINEGAR FURNITURE -USE MILK WHITEBOARD-USE ORY ERASE MARKER OR PENCIL RUBBER ERASER CERAMICOR GLASS-USE 1 PART TOOTHPASTE WITH 1 PART BAKNGSODA COMBS MAKEUP BRUSHES AND HAIR CLIPS IN THEDISHWASHER Did you know if your child writes a letter to their favorite Disney character, they will send them an autographed 8x10? Here's the address. Attn: Disney World Communications Rapunzel Walt Po Box 40 fL Lake Buena Vista, ootto at 30- Walt Disney World to Box Communica Lake Buena ist, FL y/ EASY-TO-MAKE TOOTH FAIRY MONEY IISTAIT SPAR GLITER HAIRSPRAY LAQUE SCINTILLAITM RAMMAULI 02. (85 g) 3. Left foot, right foot A sticker in each shoe will help your toddler determine which shoe goes where! Parenting hacks both old and new

Parenting hacks both old and new