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Bored, Fall, and Fanfiction: rachelbearenson why is it always that the sign that the robot/Al is becomingtoo human* when they fall in looove is give me a robot who realizes they've*exceeded their programmed parameters~ when they get incredibly emotionally attached to their favorite movie and start writing fanfiction about it arrowhearts Tags: a robot who gets a pet and suddenly this small animal is more important than their programmed mission a robot who discovers they really REALLY like chocolate a robot who accidentally breaks a household appliance and cries in frustration a robot who is woken up by their programmer and mumbles 'five more minutes' god there are so many human things for a robot to do I LOVE IT GIVE ME ALL OF THESE STORIES sweetsarsaparilla .A robot that gets into an editing war on Wikipedia because this other person is wrong and not citing sources and clearly biased and no it will do that calculations later because this is important A robot who doesn't like one scientist because it thinks her hair is stupid A robot that finds logical paradoxes meant to disable it incredibly funny as if they're jokes and comes up with its own. A robot that develops a deep interest with a random trivial object like doorbells, dice, or ribbons and devotes a lot of its processing power to studying them. Fascinating A robot that was broken down for a while until some animal nested inside it and after it was repaired it was honored that an organic creature chose it as its shelter A robot that likes the class of the human-visible electromagnetic spectrum designated as 'aquamarine, (#66CDAA) and surrounds itself with this colour as much as possible, even collecting (or stealing) all objects of this colour. Similar colours like sea blue or teal will not be accepted . 61below A robot and an octopus team up because they got bored. They go on a road trip Source ra 56,403 notes chelbearenson When robots start shitposting on redditoh wait