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Aww, Lol, and Massage: Right okay, that's perfectly fine:) 17:08 Do u have a pic so i know who im talking too 17:08 There's a pic as my WhatsApp image 17:08 Cant see one 17:08 You can also check it out on my website 17:09 There you can read everything about me and what I do :) 17:09 My name is 17:09 Hi 17:10 U look lovely 17:10 Thanks 17:11 Am i ok naked 17:11 IType a message Yes that is fine, as long as you don't mind me covering up your bits, I don't much care for looking at everyone's: If you're naked it is easier getting to the parts you use a lot for MMA 17:12 Hahahhaa 17:12 I do get aroused usually when my thighs are massaged so hope ur not offended 17:13 As long as I don't have to do anything sexual it doesn't bother me. Bodily functions happen 17:13 Quite often even 1713 Aww thats good then 17:14 I had a masseuse give me a horrible shouting at 17:14 That's strange, it's not something yc can usually control 17:14 Type a message OO I know17:14 I said jokingly after you should be flattered 17:15 That didnt help at all lo17:15 Hahaha 17:15 Do u have a pic 17:15 Of what? 17:16/ You 17:16 Another pic 17:16 Why do you need another pic? 17:17 Just making sure its you 17:17 Well it is my website 17:17 So l'd hope it's me 1717 Cmon 17:17 |Type a message You can compare the phone numbers 17:17 Just 1 pic 17:18 I don't think it's necessary 17:18 Please 17:18 No, I'm sorry. I think that is a little strange. You've seen a picture of me, and even then I don't think it would matter by who the massage is as long as it helps your muscles 17:20 Well u are nice looking which helps 17:20 I'm sure it does 17:21 Im defo ok naked 17:21 Well it's getting a bit weird if you ask for it so much. I'm not doing anythir sexual 17:22 lype a message I just like it tbh 17-22 Nothing sexual wanted 17:22 Just feels nice while u massage 17:23 Then it's fine 17:23 ld prefer uncovered 17:23 And I don't. I don't want to look at everyone's bits 17:23 Im not everyone lol 17:24 For me you are a client. I cover everyone up, you are one of everyone 1 7:24、// Can i touch myself under the towel while u massage 17:24 I'm going to stop replying now 17:25 Stay 17:26 Type a message I'm a massage therapist - this is the type of person that talks to me on a daily basis.

I'm a massage therapist - this is the type of person that talks to me on a daily basis.