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Beard, Bubba, and Candy: WHATIMADE WHAT THEDMSAWW WHATOPLAYED Anonymous 05/30/120Wed)01:15 No.19296375 a large-scale bar-fight when suddenly the people they were fighting own busI Not ones to give up at the first sight of trouble, Richie, Martin and Bubba just assumed that the speedballs they'd taken earlier were just starting to kick in and started fighting even harder. absolutely destroyed an entire bar full of Changelings; unfortunately for them, those particular Changelings were under the protection of a local Hedge Baron, who had hired them as extra muscle for a planned heist/mass kidnapping that was scheduled for Christmas Eve. Bubba and his friend got wind of this plot from a weaselly little guy who had hidden under the bar when the fighting started, and being drunk and high as kites, they believed him instead of writing him off as a crazy person Now, Bubba and his friends were hardened bikers; there wasnt much that they loved or that didnt include some form of illegal drug, alcohol, or sweet ride (of the metal or fleshly variety). But there are two things that these three hardened bikers loved more than that potent combination: their mommas, and Christmas Anonymous 05/30/120Wed)01:19 No.19296433 252 KB, 717x533, adventure.png) But there are two things that these three hardened bikers loved more than that potent combination: their mommas, and Christmas ADVENTURE Anonymous 05/30/120Wed)01:20 No.19296447 (23 KB, 626x285, mrchristmas.jpg) But there are two things that these three hardened bikers loved more than that potent combination: their mommas, and Christmas This had better been your theme song http://wwww youtube.com/watch?v-MrZdW6BBkc Anonymous 05/30/120Wed)01:25 No.19296509 Having heard that some "Hedge Barone or someshit" planned to ruin Christmas, Richie, Bubba and Martin immediately sprang into action as only those operating under the influence of drugs and alcohol can. Dragging along the weaselly fellow to show them where "Baron Fuckwad" was, they made a stop at the local mall, where they raided the employee lounge for a sneak into his stronghold. Richie and Martin, as they were slimmer, became elves, while Bubba, with his rotund belly and flowing, luxurious beard, became Jolly St. Nicholas Suitably disguised, our three heroes set off for the lair of the Hedge Baron, which involved taking more drugs until they were blazing down the road at such high speeds that they couldnt really s Which is just as well, as their guide led them down strange roads and secret not meant for mortal As a trip, the three late ed that it was "not Ba an orc was here that our intr band of h ene over from ine own, smo Anonymous 05/30/120Wed)01:32 No.19286612 ev whe ow, that was awav an out in awe. "It's when all hell bro eroes were Swarme ure mad. Given the nature of the Hedge, this may very well have been the case Anonymous 05/30/120Wed)01:44 No.19296772 s+ As Bubba struggled beneath the combined weight of the well-meaning but entangling pile of children surrounding him, Richie and Martin looked at each other and knew exactly what to do Hey kidsl", Martin yelled, waving around his shotgun, "Santa came ta save ya, but ya gotta help us, feel me?" At that, the children calmed down, moving slowly away from Bubba, though the awe still showed plainly in their faces. A bit nonplussed, Bubba did the first thing that came to mind: he clapped his hands over his belly and said in the ster: "HO HO HOI DONT YA WORRY, KIDS; OL' SANTY'S GONNA GIT YA OUTTA HERE JUS' FINEI" for our t forgotten their wea informant, who t was at t oint that he Surveying the scene with an expression of supreme distaste, the austere gentleman looked directly at Bubba, Richie and Martin as he spoke. "And what, praytell, is the meaning of your intrusion in my demesnes?" ound of his voice, the children began scrambling away from the door, all trying to get behind the bikers. As they continued moving desperately, Ma Baron what business have you with and why have you intrude f with you, mother fucka. Wh "Isn't it obvious? M Anonymous 05/30/120Wed)02:00 No.19296967 ingly quickly. Martin an eedge barone", predictably, their shots missed. Unpredictably, their informant and one of the Bubba, meanwhile, reached for the posts of a nearby bed; as if in some perverse form of coincidence, the posts were candy striped. With a heave of his muscles, Bubba tore the bed apart, leaving with two cud went downhill fro the meanwhil and the Hed irst the r and Ma r of a minut himself with swin weapons at the who move flurry of snow and was owever, one ana on's arm, slown Like a heft swung wit Baron, cvin and ver Anonymous 05/30/120Wed)02:04 No. 19296994 f what t ilvery wea before torchi between their three Martin whoo tguns into the air in front of a polic ildren with a memory of very we off, leavin with 40 mis s how Bu e and Ma Saving Christmas