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Ash, Bitch, and Dad: When you tryna convince the local prostitute that this isnt the life she has to live, and that you can help save her okingofcooneny I was driving home when I seen a local thot waiting for a pick up. These bitches don't trick for free out here, there's a price for glory. Me with $20 to my name decided to try my luck. "Aye shorty" I yelled across the street as she stood at the bus stop. Baby girl turned around with the swiftness. A truck passed in front of both of us as we made eye contact. When the truck passed she was next to me in the passenger. Hoes always know when to use instant transmission. She ask me what I wanted. I pulled out some singles and a couple nicks and dimes from my car ash trey. "$20 is all I have mam" I replied. She replied "That's 30 minutes". I ain't never pick up no hooker so I asked her if she wanted to play anything on the Aux cord. She had a trap phone so I started playing my music. I have gained experienced through GTA so I know I gotta park in a discreet location. Driving around we see this old pick up truck parked by a broken street light. It took me 10 minutes to parallel park. I'm unbuckling my pants like I had to pee all day. Ready to sling my meat out some Wale came on through the aux. My whole frame of mind changed. I no longer wanted to shoot ropes of nut on shorty but instead elevate her mind to the highest stakes that she may be the queen she was born to be. Me and her started conversations. Her name was Kelly, originally from Kansas and her dad is trucker, mother was a nurse and brother a drunk. Her whole life story was touching as we both began to break out in tears. I told her "baby dry them tears you don't got to do this to feel complete. Everything up to this moment has made you who you are, and every decision you make from this moment determines who you will be". Kelly looked me in the eyes and said "That was probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard, but your 30 minutes is up see ya". Man I dropped some motivational coach carter- the color purple speech and this bitch dipped. My gas light was on E. I tried to make it home and got stuck. Ya boy had to walk 40 minutes back to the crib. I can't trust these hoes.