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Beautiful, College, and Desperate: Carl Kinsella Follow @TVsCarlKinsella Reminder that the story of how Alan Alda met his wife Arlene is pure goals. "In 1956, while attending Fordham, he met Arlene Weiss, who attending Hunter College. They bonded at a mutual friend's dinner party; when a rum cake accidentally fell onto the kitchen floor, they were the only two guests who did not hesitate to eat was it." 5:04 AM-14 Sep 2017 1,114 Retweets 3,179 Likes jadedamber: mysharona1987: flootzavut: onekisstotakewithme: bbc03undercover: murielsweating: mysharona1987: They’re still together like 60 years later. This is a beautiful love story. I’m just looking for someone to eat garbage floor cake with. I love everything about this story. Alan Alda is my spirit animal (and quite possibly my patronus) That’s hilarious and adorable. “The hostess of the evening had made a rum cake, and she put it on the refrigerator to cool,” Alda recalled. “The refrigerator shook, and the cake fell off the refrigerator and hit the floor.” It was a party moment that separated the casual diners from those desperate for dessert. “Arlene and I were the only two people who went in with spoons and ate it off the floor,” he said with a smile. “That’s how you know. When two people eat a cake off the floor, that’s it for life.” There’s no arguing that point. In fact, Alda seems certain today’s daters could learn a thing or two from him and Arlene. “All this matchmaking on the Internet, and they ask them questions — just toss a cake on the floor and see who goes for it,” he suggested. this post single-handedly fixed my evening and cleared my pores.

jadedamber: mysharona1987: flootzavut: onekisstotakewithme: bbc03undercover: murielsweating: mysharona1987: They’re still together l...

Be Like, Children, and Definitely: 48% 6:32 4G Thu., 8 Nov. 2018, 8:45 pm Ok ok. Valid point about the nudes but think about this... As you said 84 years later the movie titanic was made, it pulled an amazing $2.187 billion in the box office, won 11 Oscars and was the real birth of the great actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. A movie like that is remembered, not for the nudes but the love story that these nudes helped blossem into the romance of the century, envied by many. Not only could these nudes be the start of your own great romance but think about the royalties your own film could bring in another 84 years... Catherine, 24 Yes yes I hear you "but I won't be around for the royalties in 84 years" but Catherine.... Your children will reap the Australian Catholic University 11 km away benefits for years, so Catherine dont do it for me, don't do it for you... But do it for our children! Why won't I send you nudes? Let me remind you of this little movie called Thu., 8 Nov. 2018, 11:46 pm Titanic... a girl in 1912 has her naked body drawn in a sketchbook by a random dude that no one This is far and away the best opener has ever heard of... have ever heard in my 23 years on this Locks the drawing in a safe in a boat and THAT BOAT SINKS. And somehow 84 years later, the planet, I read it to my mum. Not even kidding. And she briefly discussed with me the idea of sending you a nude still ends up on television. No one is safe. nude purely for the comedic value of this message! What would it be like to date me? Ever ordered You've just clocked tinder, well done 10 nuggets and gotten 11 70O sir And the thought of setting our children up for life, now that's definitely tempting :p E42 Do it for the kids!!

Do it for the kids!!