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Clock, Future, and Lazy: Time Blindness I can tell what time of day it is pfft But not how much time actually passes My feeling for time is really off MA Forgot my wallet What!! Where did the time go!! ADHD-ALIEN.Com tip I would always end up being late, despite waking up early enough. AND MY HOMEWORK TA And I just don't know why. I always felt ashamed for being late. This shame turned into fear and eventually into an anxiety disorder AUHD-ALTENCom I wish this worked for deadlines as well. This is whu instead of being late, I'm at the airport 3 hours early. ADHD-ALIEN.com But it doesn't. And every time I swear: People always ask me: Why didn't you do it 3 months ago? Next time I will start earlier!!! I don't know. I guess I'm just lazy. I hate myself aaaaahhhhh To me, things in the future are abstract concepts. And things in the past a blur What did you do all morning? This morning? Which day is it? Did I clean up yesterday today or The day when I napped? Sis today tuesday? .to evaluate the now... I think other people can look to the past... ...and make plans for the future. DEAD GNE Now Future Past AUFD-ALTENv:Com I can't see the past or the future All I can see is the now How far away is the deadline? NOW ADHD-ALIEN.com For me, it's also not a straight timeline. oohhh shiny!! instead of looking ahead, I can only follow breadcrumbs. Because I can only see the now Suddenly, the deadline reaches the now. But by that time it's already too late. DEAD Line And the cycle of all nighters starts again. Now Clac The first time I took medication, it felt as if the cogs in my clock got a grip- instead of turning acl aimlessly. Before, I was the only one without a clock. I could actually tell the passing of time. ADHD-ALTEN.Com patreon.com/adhd_alien/ Every night before a deadline I swear "Next time I'll start earlier"

Every night before a deadline I swear "Next time I'll start earlier"