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The tumblr solution to the zombie apocalypse: Zombie apocalypses are curiously lacking a large array ofent that could equipment that could neatly control the situation "But we can't build walls to contain them!" 75 Moves by truck, train or boat. Ridiculously common. And see those holes on the bottom? Mobile by forklift. Also, HEAVY, even when empty they're in the tons. If you had some warning you could string these things end to end for miles and human bodies can't move them. Plus they're nice and wide so you can comfortably walk on top of them for patrols. "But we don't have easy ways to kill them!" Put the shotgun down you fucking idiot. No tires to pop. Heavy and slow but inevitable. Climbing required to enter and thus, relatively zombie proof, especially if you spend like an hour to protect the glass. A lot of large farming equipment can destroy Want to guess what it'd do to a decaying human bady? It's not pretty Now I know what you're thinking. Merely lattening them with common construction equipment or farming gear isn't enough How about a tree trimmer that can mulch a tree top to bottom in nothing flat? OM NOM NOM NOM. "But we need ways to move a lot of people that zombies can't stop!" BEEP BEEP MOTHERFUCKER. Deer don't hawe a chance and neither does a zombie. But that's not good enough!" NOW it's time to call our friend the military because this ride stops for no one. Do I need to keep going or is it clear the movies are bullshit yet? Seriously a dozen prepared people with heavy equipment licenses could clear an entire street of zombies AND powerwash it after. Country folk can survive The tumblr solution to the zombie apocalypse