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Batman, Clark Kent, and Dumb: rob-anybody tumblr Follow broadlybrazen unpretty another dumb headcanon: superman is nice to birds because of course he is, and helps out birds who are in distress. also he can fly around with them. birds see a lot more of superman than they do of most people, basically. the unexpected consequence of this is that the crows of metropolis recognize superman as a friend. sometimes crows just follow him around like a weird flock or try to give him shiny things. but mostly please just imagine luthor trying to gloat while threatening superman with kryptonite only to have a crow steal it. or just, generally, lex luthor getting attacked by crows. if that does not improve your day i don't know what to tell you unpretty What is that? Superman followed the direction of Batman's gaze. A crow had landed on the rooftop beside them, and dropped a bottlecap near Superman's feet. "Ohl Hey Francis. Is that for me?" Caw," said Francis Do you have a pet crow? Batman asked. No, I don't have pets," Superman said as he bent down to retrieve the bottlecap You named it. Not this specific one," Superman explained. "1 just call all the crows Francis. ...why Caw, caw," said Francis with a flap of its wings I don't know. Just calling them 'crow felt rude after a while. l'd name them individually but I can't actually tell them apart. Except for Old Francis and One Eyed Francis." Superman tucked the bottlecap into a small pocket on the back of his pants. Why Francis?" Superman shrugged. It's gender neutral. I don't want to misgender them just because they're birds Of course you don't," Batman sighed, looking back out at Metropolis Caw," Francis added Do you keep dog treats in your utility belt?" Superman asked Why would I do that. .. in case you meet a dog that needs to know he's a good boy? Superman suggested. Batman shook his head, but opened a small pouch on his belt and held out a small treat. "See, it was a yes or no question, I don't know why everything has to be such a production with you," Superman said as he took it. He tossed it over by the bird's feet. "Here you are, Francis. Keep up the good work." Caw, caw," Francis said. When it realized no more treats were forthcoming, it flew away in a fiutter of black wings. You're unbelievable," Batman said, shaking his head again. Superman took his eyes off the departing crow to look back at Batman, and frowned. "You know," he said, "it's really weird seeing you in costume during the day Don't start." It's like seeing your teacher at the mall." Don't think I won't take care of Poison Ivy without your help, if I have to Superman shrugged. T'm just saying voxmyriad But...what if the crows also recognized him as Clark Kent? This mild-mannered reporter who doesn't seem to do anything in particular to the crows that would make them like him, but they're not afraid of him at all, and they keep trying to give HIM things, and Clark being a nice guy, he just. Accepts the bottlecap. Says thank you. Keeps walking. Lois adds another factoid to her "Weird Stuff About Clark Kent" file Maybe he tries to convince his coworkers that everyone is friendly with crows in Smallville. That the farmers discovered how smart crows are and decided to make friends with them instead of chasing them off Maybe he tries to talk the crows into palling around with him as Superman but going their separate ways as Clark Kent. Please imagine Superman on top of a building holding Clark Kent's glasses and trying to explain the concept of a secret identity to a flock of attentive birds Source: unpretty #my favorite post #dc universe #my superman 32,061 notes Hey DC, I would watch this movie

Hey DC, I would watch this movie