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America, Anime, and Another One: JESUS CHRIST, ANOTHER ONE SO THEY WHITEWASHED Jos LU UNEMPLOYMENT thes3nator: ad-hominem-sappies: thes3nator: muenzz: its-blackkittenbitches: greezor: kansasjustgotgayer: rootbeergoddess: joshualunacreations: Whitewashing: An American tradition. Hollywood shapes how we are seen and *not* seen. But we don’t have to give them our money and views. Ghost in the Shell and Death Note are more missed opportunities to showcase Asian-American talent. Let’s not watch them. This is both hilarious and depressing I like how Jesus is pouring water and then it turns into wine Goku isn’t even human. Jesus isn’t black Ang was created by an American company it is not America’s fault an Indian director ruined the it.Ghost is a cyborg and isn’t asian, they creator fucking stated this.Goku isn’t human and is based of the monkey king along with superman.Death Note is being done by a Canadian company last I heard and from what I remember just cause it’s based in Japan doesn’t mean it can’t be changed for future adaption.I don’t hear y'all bitching on how Japan ducked Ait live action when the anime is based in Europe with a fucking diverse cast. Gtfo people like you is what makes it hard for Asian Americans, Asians in general, to make it in an American market. Y'all don’t like it? Don’t watch it, don’t spread hate or misinformed shit. The Light Yagami thing is especially hilarious because none of these idiots complained when they made L, a clearly white or asian dude in the anime, black in the Netflix live action movie. They don’t give a fuck about representation, they just hate white people. And that gives me another reason to hate these peoples guts. @muenzz, @aquariusink, @greezor, @its-blackkittenbitches,@rootbeergoddess, @kansasjustgotgayer, @joshualunacreations, come on guys! We don’t need to have another race war over this! There’s a quick and easy solution to all the bickering: We’ll just uses Meeseeks for all acting roles from now on! -S3NATOR Don’t do it s3n if it doesn’t work out they’ll try to kill you You might be right, but then again, look how perfect they’d be for another Watchmen reboot! -S3NATOR