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Creepy, Memes, and Photoshop: _vanessagaleano Notas About the "photoshoot (which only took me 2 minutes to crop a picture on snapchat) it was just a joke. A simple JOKE not my fault you haven't got a little bit of humour, you should be proud of you husband of how far he has become and all the fans he has. It wasn't personal, ljust decided to make a funny picture with one of my favourites basketball players on Valentine's Day just like many other teenagers did, But Iguess I didn't know his wife was insecure about herself or her relationship What you pretend a 17 years old TGM youu? I swear you career is giving advise to people, please take a minute and Take your own advise and act like the "woman" you are. -Vanessa Galeano. Happy Valentine,s dequanmjones Since we're writing letters and stuff, Ifelt like a response was warranted. Yesterday morning I sent my wife a screenshot of someone who had taken the time to photoshop her face into our picture. We laughed about how funny (and creepy) it was and created a side by side to share with our friends. It was all kicks and giggles until the post surprisingly went viral and people started saying rude things about both my wife and the young lady in the comments. At the end of the day, think it's clear that everyone was joking and that it was all meant to be some Valentine's Day humor. We're glad we could provide some entertainment for y all even though it was never meant to be that deep. Clearly social media is a powerful thing. An update from the 17 year old ValentinesDay photoshop girl and the "husband"

An update from the 17 year old ValentinesDay photoshop girl and the "husband"