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Anon shares a heartbreaking story: Sitting at home, alone in the house, i feel actually kind of peacefull, typing this up. I have already accepted my fate. I was diagnosed with cancer a week ago, and the doctors gave me 2 months to live, and right nowi 7 KB JPG just really want to share the story of how i got cancer. So here it is First, a bit of backstory 4 years old >Freshman year On second day of school, make a friend who we Mike was a few years older than me Get really close with mike At the time, kissless virgin Terrified with girls Desperate for a girlfriend Mike tells me that it's easy to talk to girls >Just don't be nervous and talk to one Iv'e always been too nervous to even approach One day, he literally pushes me infront a girl i this is anon. Walks away panick, and she kind of giggles We end up talking Shes actually kind of nice Me and female become friends Fastforward 2 years later Me and female end up dating Dating for a year and a half We become known as the Lily and Marshal of my highschool Mike is having a party at his house Me and female go >I have a few drinks, but gf has alot more than i She gets some cigaretts and starts smoking with some guy Drunkenly tries to make me smoke too i try it, but have a coughing fit and don't do it She starts to get anoyed that i won't smoke with er "Whatever" she says and walks off visually Kept partying with Mike and make a few new S. Later, i can't find gf Start asking around for her One girl says she saw her go upstairs with smoker guy Ohfuckno Mike sees me run upstairs and follows me Open a bedroom door and see her with her top off, making out with smokerfag >I'm stunned. Speachless Mike grabs guy and throws him off the bed Female starts crying and saying sorry Runs over and hugs me Not gonna ask if i can continut because im not a Cont?cunt Anonymous 07/27/15(Mon)23:25:05 No. 630890540 Cont pleeease Anonymous 07/27/15(Mon)23:27:19 No.630890983 Few days later, feel an urge to smoke Decide 'what's the harm l end up having one maybe once a week Not 19 yet (legel smoking/drinking age in canada) so i have to bum them off of people turns out female kept on talking and seeing eachother once in a while behind my back Long story short, female dumps me for smokefag Start smoking to cope with it > I was in love with female, and i still am l dont know how to deal this. She was my >i get super depressed cry almost every night for 6 months contemplate suicide decide i dont want to live without female decide to get super drunk and give myself alcohol poisoning. Just kind of, fade away peacefully ive always told mike everything, but i didnt tell him how hurt i was by female > tell him i want to drink ยป mike lives alone now, so we do it at his house get super drunk. I cant really remember any of what happened that night aparently i passed out and he turned me on my side so i wouldnt choke on my own vomit Wake up and see him sitting in a chair start crying uncontrollably tell mike what i tried to do Mike really helped me deal with all the pain, but my smoking habbit stayed >2 weeks ago lungs feel strange. Sharp pains when i take deep go to doctor to get it checked out take some tests few days later, i get a call from doctor nervouse as fuck turns out im completly fine suicide attempt was a month ago Still a little depressed, but not suicidal anymore mike calls or texts me everyday to makesure in ok one day, mike texts me a link of a funny picture to try and cheer me up its a link to a picture on 9gag get cancer Anon shares a heartbreaking story