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Baseball, Bitch, and Comfortable: Imean I probably wouldn't SAY it is it legal to punch a TERF with a baseball bat asking for a friend normally, but fuck I just really want to kill a TERF. Just fucking rip their throat out Jesus Christ every terf needs to be shot 10/03/2017, 20:52 27/03/2017, 19:20 Terfs can honestly eat a dick, and lesbophobia doesn't exist and i'll automatically assume you're transphobic if u use it. call it homophobia. vagina centered feminism is overrated. Please rip out my pussy and keep it, transphobic creeps. terfs can suck on my big trans dick sincerely a lesbian coming in here saying trans women 2 ain't women like yes they are IWILL NEVER RESPECT A FUCKING TERF ENOUGH TO 'DEBATE' THEM!T WILL SPIT IN THEIR FACES! [violence] Happy International Women's Day! slap your local terf across the if i catch any of you speaking to terfs like theyre humans ill scalp you, im Today I'm fighting for gender mouth until they shut the fuck up then slap them again just because equality by saying you should also serious punch TERFS in the face if you don't think i should be allowed to I tweeted saying kill your local terf and use women's restrooms because i'm somebody reported my account lol bitch fucking fight transgender, i will come to your house and shit down your throat can you believe today me you were Was probably a terf international kill a terf day? I want to literally murder TERFS this is a not-friendly reminder that terfs This isn't the sleep deprivation and dont belong in Igbt spaces and they general anger caused by frustration with illness talking. Imean it. terfs can choke on my enormous can all choke and die i hate them so fucking much dick just die i hate to be That Downer but the whole "the future is female" thing makes me :/ TERFS can suck my female dick, because it excludes trans women idk it TERFS don't belong in gulag, that's happy international women's day gives me terf vibes too good for them. Against the wall, if I'm being honest. Jesus fucking christ You know I don't feel comfortable beating up TERFS or lady fascists but if any women want to do so l'll provide them with a baseball bat The future is female would be a better sentiment if it hadn't been co-opted by TERFS and SWERFS and wasn't inherently transphobic Imight even fill it with nails! seriously if you're making vulva cupcakes or making uterus costumes or whatever, I'm going to assume you're a TERF Just trans activists being peaceful, like usual