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game-5: r/Overwatch News&Discussion I've been a bronze player for 8 seasons and have never left. AMA u/Adsyoung The title says it all. Abuse me with your questions and don't tread lightly. Adz11919 is my tag for proof. Ask away friends 46 Comments Write a comment Best loves2spoogeguys 1h With the tensions rising with the U.S government, how does this play out for the rest of the world? 8 Adsyoung1h As a non-American I can say for certain that it has improved our relations with other Pacific nations. Australians now have less reliance on the US and have turned more to China for increasing trade and development. _jaybe Th How much money could you have made if you had gone to work instead of wasting 8 seasons in bronze games? .0 Adsyoung59m If I could put a monetary value on it. I would say 90 hours over 8 seasons, at $39 an hour, about $3510 jaybe 50m so you could have unlock the full cast of battlefront II .0 Adsyoung49m True. Or like 60,000 overwatch lootboxes TheSteeldrake Chibi Ana 1h Did Noah have woodpeckers on the ark? If he did, where did he keep them? 0 Adsyoung56m On the crows nest. Back then it was called the pecker nest. Bus OW Chibi Lúcio 1h What sort of things do you see happen during games that remind you that you are in bronze? .0 Adsyoung58m Guarantee hanzo and widow pick every game. 5 dps players minimum and a rein shield on the payload but always facing the wrong way. gOnk-droid fadda 13m Have you ever had a dream in which you ranked up? .0 Adsyoung13m I dreamt once there was a league worse than bronze called 'wood and I was demoted into it. gOnk-droid fadda 11m The horror.