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Anaconda, Apparently, and Candy: My rattata is the best rattata in the world, its like the top parcentage of rattata! 0P 211 NOW HOLD ON THERE YOUNG LAOY! hoa! Your rattata may seen strong, but it could in fact easily be worthless! It's tine for you to learn about IVs! I'h a boy You see, Tinmy, Pokenon has a long history of hiding vital infornation fron players, and Pokenon Go is no different In this case, CP is secretly controlled by three other stats: attack, defense and stanina, as illustrated by this handy diegran.Atk Unfortunately, these stats aro hidden in the gane itself EP Def My nane isnt Tiny The actual expression is nore conplicated, but hare it is for the sake of conpleteness Wow! That's hard nath No, bobby, you're just ton. But why is ny rattata so strong? But there are several reasons why pokenon of the sane species have varying CP It isn't The first one if your pokenon's level. You nean y No, Jnmy. I nean this thing. Niantic apparently believes a nunber is too confusing, and have decided to reprosent the pokenon's level, hich ranges from 1 to 40, uith this arc. The leval of your pokanon is one of the factors that deternine its stats, and is increased by one half every tine you power it up with candy. Playars at higher levels will ancounter higher-levelled pokenon. Another factor that affects these stats is the species' base stats Base stats are only dependent on your pokenon's species, and are the nain source of increased power upon evolution. Ifyu Rattata uas to avolve to a Raticate, its level would not change, but the base stats would. That, along with the learning of new noves, are the only real effects of evolution. So if 1 evolve ny rattata it will be good? No, Larry Raticates are also terrible. Now, there is one final factor to take into account uhen calculating a pokenon's stats, and these are the IVs. There is one for each of the three stats, and they range fron 0 to 15. IVs are detersined upon catching the pokenon, and do not changa with evolution. You can think of then as the "gones of the pokonon, if that sonahow helps you underst and a set of three nunbers better So is my rattata good because it has good IVs? Let's find out! There are several calculators available online that can help deteraine the IVs of a pokenon. In fact, let's look at the analysis I did earlier! Hou do you have that? I stalk childran and analyse their pokenon for fun. s is a very typical IV table. As see, Ngel, your Rattata has terrible stanina. You don't need to strain you can Rattata yourself looking at any other number than the IV score, Caught 22 hours ago however.This converient percentage shows 32 that your rattata Hp is entirely average 53.3% IV SCORE LEVEL 13 ATTACK DEFENSE STAMINA Is any of this really isportant? It's a video gane, Dennis. It's as inportant as you want it to be. In the absolute nost extrene of cases, a fully levelled Dragonite, the difference betueen an IV score of 0%and one of 100% is 33. This ill nover natter for casual play, those uho want to stack the deck in their favour wll uant to consider it, especially for najor investments like evolving nagikarps. The choice of bothering is entirely up to you. ...Bther uay, rattata is still a terrible pokenon, even if all its IVs are at 15. You really should catch sonething better I'n out of pokéballs. le all are. Because of rattata Professor Oak explains IVs in Go

Professor Oak explains IVs in Go