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4chan, Gym, and Head: Anonymous 03/27/14(Thu)21:27 No.25807148 File: 1395970049445 ipg-(33 KB, 528x528, 1385966818312 jpg) ate some datura once and hit the gym, it was an interesting experience but ultimately disastrous ︵ roughly 3 hours after taking datura >can't find car keys >decide to "uphill sprint to the gym the gym is around the block, up a steep hill walk into the place and head straight to the weight room put my belt on, chalk up >decide to do bench press >felt like I was already warmed up, do 225 5x5 >head into the locker room/shower area >my brother happens to be there and is asking me about deadlift form >show him the basics oad 5 plates on the bar >black out from the effort of trying to lift it >wake up in ER having been given antipsychotics, numerous lacerations, severe scalding on 30% of my b0dy, broken foot wake up in ER having been given antipsychotics, numerous at least, that's how it happened to me. what actually happened based on sober recollection and gym patron/employee statement was it was 12 hours after I ate the datura, not 3 >my car keys were in the kitchen sink drain (I tried to start the car while I was still in the house by running the sink garbage disposal with the keys inside I think) the gym is 7 miles away, all flat road. I sprinted there and the exhaustion made me think it was uphill >I thought the locker room/shower area was the weight room my belt was a usb extension chord, I thought my protein in my gym bag was chalk >was warmed up because I took a scalding hot shower >bench press a wet towel on the bench next to the lockers >l went into the "locker room" (which was actually the weight room) have no brother >I loaded 5 plates on one end of the "bar" (the same bar from the weight room i.e. my wet towel that I threaded through the plates) tried to lift it, dropped it on my foot >mfw /fit/izen's gym datura experience

/fit/izen's gym datura experience