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Amazon, Anime, and Ash: Banana Fish master post bananafishrepublic: With the popularity of the upcoming anime, I decided to make a master post for fans new and old, as well as for those who are curious about the series! What is Banana Fish?Banana Fish is a manga series by Akimi Yoshida. Originally published in 1985, it follows the story of Ash Lynx, a charismatic gang leader, as he grapples with figuring out the mystery of “banana fish” that turns his life upside down. The story also centers around the close relationship between Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura, a young Japanese photographer’s assistant who came to New York to photograph the city, but ends up getting caught up in Ash’s violent life. DISCLAIMER: Banana Fish is definitely not for everyone. Some of the topics Banana Fish deals with are violence, drugs, rape, pedophilia, child abuse, gang warfare, racism, prostitution, and death. None of the sexual content is shown explicitly. I recommend not investing in this series if these topics make you uncomfortable. Manga - The main story consists of 19 volumes. VIZ Media licensed a english translation in 1999-2002, with flipped L to R pages and censored dialogue. VIZ later released a full re-translation of the series of all 19 volumes. Both have since been out of print. Can be read in full here, in English.The manga is also getting a gorgeous box edition which can be found on Amazon. (Japanese only)  Side stories - An extra volume, titled Banana Fish: Another Story consists of five side stories that take place before and after the events in the main story. Highly recommended to read after you finish the main story. Raws  Angel Eyes -prequel that tells the story of how Ash and Shorter met. Included in VIZ’s translation of Banana Fish. The Garden with Holy Light - Epilogue to Banana Fish. Included in VIZ’s translation of Banana Fish.Private Opinion - Prequel that tells the story of how Ash and Blanca first met. Untranslated.Fly boy, in the sky - Prequel that tells the story of how Eiji and Ibé met. Untranslated. Ura Banana - Short, comedic story about Ash and Eiji discussing fan mail with Akimi Yoshida. Untranslated. Media  Anime- A Banana Fish anime is in the works! Set to premier July 2018, it is being produced by the studio MAPPA and will consist of 24 episodes. The biggest change will be that the story is set to modern day. You can find more information here on ANN. (Will update this section when we get closer to the date)Radio drama - A radio drama for Banana Fish was produced in 1996. @bananafishlovers was kind enough to compile the drama CDs into a playlist which can be found here. Untranslated, but you can follow along with the audio if you have the manga close by.Stage adaption - A stage adaption for Banana Fish was produced in 2012. Very hard to find outside of Japan, here’s a preview  (Warning: stage silliness)Asrun Dream - A song from the album Mars by Gackt. In an interview with Akimi Yoshida, “Asrun Dream is an older song of his [Gackt], inspired by Banana Fish. He said that when he wrote it, he imagined Eiji asleep in bed while Ash looks out the window to the night sky.” (lyrics + source)ExtrasAngel Eyes - Not related to the side story of the same name, Angel Eyes was a Banana Fish art book by Akimi Yoshida. The short story, That Summer, is also included in the art book. You can read it here and here You can find copies of the book on Amazon or on Japanese bidding sites, but please be warned that the price for it has skyrocketed since it is a rare book. Banana Fish REBIRTH - Official guide book to Banana Fish. This book includes an extensive analysis on the story and characters, and the setting of New York City. Harder to find than Angel Eyes, but also just as crazy expensive.I hope this covers everything. If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, let me know! I’ll also be updating this post as more information about Banana Fish is released.  

bananafishrepublic: With the popularity of the upcoming anime, I decided to make a master post for fans new and old, as well as for those w...