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Bad, Chipotle, and Definitely: If you're sad that you haven't tried it, you're Mr. Kebab Depressed Fox E 4147 9794 Elite '19 Definitely one of the best Middle Eastern meals l've ever eaten anyway- and one of the top five meals I've ever eaten in Detroit. Which is saying a lot because this is an amazing food city. I recommend never doing this to your kabob July 27, 2018 Was this photo ? If you're quick to lube up your lovers, you're Mr. KY-Jelly Express. Helpful 1Not Helpful Other than pizza this is pretty much the best meal to eat in the region. And it's much better for you. A whole load of absolutely delicious fresh ingredients combined up into a Chipotle-Style Bowl which should be a really really really bad thing except in this case everything they put in it tastes perfect so the output tastes even more perfect. If you're a Trump fan, you may be Mr. KKK Express. Definitely a case of the sum being better than the parts, and the parts are pretty damn amazing all by themselves I'm talking about the hummus and tabouli and all the bits and Bobs that they put in this thing. Absolute deliciousness Don't pass up on the garlic sauce whatever you do. If you love California Gurls as much as I do, you're Mr Katyperry Express. Good service as well, they were really nice about serving me close to closing time, and the prices are extremely competitive considering how much food you get. Also their chicken is absolutely spectacular. It's not exactly Buffalo- style Souvlaki. But it's every bit as tasty. If Mr. Miyagi eats here, it's Mr. Karatekid Express Reminds me in some ways of Istanbul Grill in Pittsburglh similar concept and price and portion size. And excellent taste. Although that's more Turkish, and this is slightly more Lebanese. And so good, you'll want to get down on your Leba-knees and worship it. You'll never know if you don't And if you like Barbie's heels, nails, legs, etc, as much as l do, but can only last 5 mins as opposed to 5 (or more) hours, then maybe your new nickname is Mr. Kinky Express. est. 1819 Sorry I didn't do that, it was Mr.Kabob and his famous X- press. "Professional" Yelp reviewer

"Professional" Yelp reviewer

Shower, Spider, and How To: Spider-Cat somehow climbed her way up on top of the shower, then wasnโ€™t quite sure how to get down.

Spider-Cat somehow climbed her way up on top of the shower, then wasnโ€™t quite sure how to get down.