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Best Friend, Crush, and Food: SEND ME A NUMBER: 26. My closest Tumblr friend. 27. Somcone from Tumblr that I'd .Full namc. 2. Zodiac sign. 3. 3 Fears. 4. 3 things I love. 5. My best friend. 6. Last song I listened to. 7. 4 Turn ons. 8. 4 Turn offs. 9. What colour underwear I'm datc. 28. A confession 29. 3 Things that annoy me easily. 30. My favourite animal(s). 31. My pets. 32. One thing I've lied about. 33. Something that's currently wearing right now. worrying me. 34. An embarrassing moment. 35. Where I work. 10. How many tattoos/ piercings I have, 11. The reason why I joined Tumb36. Something that's constantly 12. How I feel right now. 13. Something I really, really want. 37.3 Habits I have. 14. My current relationship status. 38. My future goals. 15. Mcaning behind my URL 16. My favourite movie(s). 17. My favourite song(s). 18. My favourite band(s) 19. 3 Things that upset me. 20. 3 Things that make me happy.44. My idea of a perfect date. 21. What I find attractive in on my mind. 39. Something I fantasise about. 40. My favourite stores) 41. My favourite food(s) 42. What I did yesterday. 43. Something I'm talented at. 45. My celebrity crush(es) 46. A photo of myself. 47. My favourite blog(s). 48. Number of kids I want. 49. Do I smoke/drink. 50. Any question you'd like. other people. 22. Someone I miss 23. Someone I love. 24. My relationship with my parents. 25. My favourite holiday THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET TO KNOW ME ๐Ÿ’•