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Memes, 🤖, and Tiny: Y'all disgusting for hooking up with people off Tinder in the first place but please read this.. jaquezjaquezz she goes to the I've already told so many people, but I'm about to tell all of twitter dermatologist and the the CRAZIEST, real life, true story dermatologist tells her she has tiny parasites under her skin I heard this week... thus where the rash is Jacqueline ajaquezjaquezz 18h v Jacqueline ejaqueziaquezz 18h @jaquezjaquezz this girl (she's jaquezz AND real) went on a tinder date with (This is where it gets fucking this guy (first date) crazy) Jacqueline jaqu 18h Jacqueline jaquez 18th dejaquezjaquezz So date goes well, and they hook the up after the date. They have sex dermatologist says that there's and whatever, and she lets this only TWO ways a man can get these type of parasites in his guy cum all over her face and Semen.... chest r 1, he's having ezz well the next day sex with animals or 2 Sex with she wakes up with a rash all over dead people her face and chest area where he Came Jacqueline Ojaquezjaquezz so she looks this guy up on Facebook and... GUESS WHERE THE FUCK 18h v Jacqueline jaq HE WORKS ajaquezjaquezz so she reaches out to him and let's him know she's got a rash so she's going to Jacqueline the Dr zjaquezz a morgue God Fucking damn it this is why we can't have nice things ~Michaela •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• TAGS TAGS TAGS TAGS TAGS tumblrtextpost tumblrposts textpost tumblr shrek instatumblr memes posts phan funnythings 😂 same funny haha loltumblr lol relatable rarepepe funnythings funnytextposts pepeislife meme funnystuff pepe food spam (follow our backup @plshelpimabackup )