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git er done: Anonymous (ID: IxD9o7D 10/26/18(Fri)00:29:10 No.190845326 >>190843492 (OP) # >Devices are covered in fake ISIS/Git 'er Done stickers, which would never be seen unless the devices were designed to be photographed rather than to explode. Used clock/timer on a mail bomb rather than rigging it to explode on opening (impractical) >Clock used has no alarm/timer mechanism, thus no electronic trigger to cause detonation >Bomb looks cartoonish and non-functional; built incorrectly (made for optics, not for exploding) None of the bombs actually exploded; all appear to be dummies. >Postage would be insufficient to send package by mail >Postage not cancelled (not actually placed in the mail) >"Postage due" notice is just a sticky note, not official USPS document >How did a person send numerous packages to various targets around the country without using a parcel company? Story changed from being delivered "via mail" to "via courier" for some packages Why would a person (insufficiently) stamp an envelope if you're just going to use a courier service? >No CCTV or security cam footage of any of the deliveries of the packages has been released (so ar Who decided that the first thing they should do with a suspicious package was to open it? Who decided that, upon discovering what appeared to be a bomb, they'd pose it (and the envelope) and photograph it instead of running away from it and calling the bomb squad? >What right-winger would build fake/real bombs two weeks before a close election and mail themm to top Democrats, knowing the action would only help Democrats? Democrats have repeatedly engaged in false flags during the Trump era. Virtually every attack""hate crime" has been a hoax. This fits their MO Unknown who sent them or why, but the media is pushing the narrative that it's a Trump supporter and Trump is to blame