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OC - Which glorious leader of humanity are you? (Suggestions appreciated): Which glorious leader of humanity are you? Really loves Secret Santa - Active in the board game society, keeps bugging you to play 'Codenames' - Really loves Monty Python's flying circus - Probably hates you in the stone age because you don't know what spies are yet - Snobby kid who goes over the top in school projects Diagnosed Thallasso-phile - Insists you build boats even if you're - Will stick up for you no matter what - Prone to stealing and pillaging but will share the goods with his mates - A bit of a foodie - Has a 'please solicit' notice on his door - Arts major and leader of the interfaith society - Will flex on you by taking desert folklore landlocked - Actually Icelandic, don't worry about it - Bark is most definitely bigger than his Hates bullies Regular donator to the Donkey Sanctuary Might not actually exist at any point in time bite - Has a 'Coexist' sticker on his car Really, really loves larping - Predates 1st wave feminists by hundreds of - Everyone gets him chocolate for Christmas - Gave Hadrian's Wall 5 stars on trip advisor - Keeps trying to sell you reinforced double glazing - Always late to class - Sheltered rich kid, but generally harmless - Has a 'no soliciting' notice on her door but he never shares it years A member of Greenpeace and lets you know it - Only really ever posts wholesome memes Bite is actually bigger than his bark - Is 19, and he never learned how to read - Charismatic surfer dude who will wingman you - Probably actually learned Dothraki Definitely a 'horse girl' growing up, and kind Never buys anyone a round The "I'M PLAYER ONE" and "finders keepers" kid - Probably plays Devil's advocate for fun - Only buys brand name products of still is - Kicks you when you're down Will say exactly what she thinks to your face OC - Which glorious leader of humanity are you? (Suggestions appreciated)

OC - Which glorious leader of humanity are you? (Suggestions appreciated)