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America, Donald Trump, and Fake: avni ROWDER John McCain was a traitor. 1 CHANGE MY MIND sguidedthildran.cam 0 For all those saying RIP McCain, need to remember treason is punishable by death. There was a time in our country when we hanged traitors and It didn't matter if they served or not. How soon some of you forget that our country is currently divided because of one fake document turned in by McCain. Sen. John McCain addresses conspiracy theories regarding the salacious so-called Steele dossier in his new book, "The Restless Wave," defending his decision to turn over the documents to former FBI Director James Comey. The Arizona Republican wrote that anyone who doesn't like his decision to give the dossier to the FBI "can go to hell." McCain gave the dossier, compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, to the FBI in December 2016 and the witch hunt begin on President Donald Trump. How many Trump supporters have been attacked over this fake dossier? How much lies and propaganda has been pushed by the media over this Russian scandal fake news bullshit? From the looks of it, I really can't wait for Hillary to go , or George Soros so I can read all of the RIP comments from everyone. The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots. God Bless America, lets keep draining the swamp! Just imagine for a second Hillary would had been in charge. mccain-conspiracy-theories-steele-dossier-trump-russia-2018-5 http:-dailycaller.com-2017-06-19-exclusive-soros-clinton-linked-teneo-among-donors-to-mccain-institute- https:-www.theatlantic.com-politics-archive-2012-07-john-mccain-comes-huma-abedins-defense-325724-